Anthony “LionHeart” Smith: Multiple promotion veteran seeks UFC return

Tuesday February 9, 2016– Before Anthony Smith was a two belt title holder, before he fought in 4 different promotions, he was on the wrong path. Having been raised mostly by his mom, and grandparents, the loss of his grandfather sent him in a down ward spiral. That is until he saw a flyer for a fight.

“After he died I lost control. I dropped out at 17 and had nothing going for me. I was partying, drinking and getting in a lot of fights. I walked into a subway and seen a flyer for an amateur fight night. All you had to do was show up and sign up. So I did. I truly never meant for it be a career. I needed an outlet. A release. And somewhere to let all this aggression out and not continue to get in trouble.”

This release soon turned into a passion and today it’s his goal to make it to the top. A father now, he spends his time between work, training and his family.

Which is his driving ️motivation to succeed.

“I work so fucking hard to give them everything they deserve. In that process…between training, work, and more training I’m gone a lot when I have a fight coming up. My family sacrifices a lot. It’s gotta be worth it. I’ll be damned if we’re doing all this sacrificing and work to come up short. “

Smith continues on to say he credits his fiancé for holding it all together while he’s not around. Every fighter needs a team in the gym and at home.

When asked what in particular he loves about fighting his reply might not be pretty but it is something I feel all fighters and fans can agree with :

“It’s in our DNA. Humans are prone to fighting. Some are better at masking it. I’ve said this before and it freaks people out but the thrill I get of conquering another man in a fist fight is a rush. The seconds before it starts is an adrenaline rush that’s unexplainable. I crave that feeling. The rush you get when a mans eyes roll in the back of his head after a clean punch is nuts! Even the smell of blood drives me nuts in there. “

As his career continues to gain momentum with a serious win streak, recently brutally finishing Josh Neer. Anthony is left to wonder why he hasn’t gotten the call from Joe Silva or Dana White.


“I was a streaky guy. I struggled at times in my career winning the “big ones”. I’d go on good streaks and come up short when it really mattered. I was missing something. I was always competitive with those guys and even the top guys in the sport in training. I was missing something. As I got older, matured, and being coached by the right people in the right place. I believe I’m unstoppable. I’m winning the “big ones” now so I feel it’s just a matter of time. I just gotta get there first and once I’m a couple in the UFC and everyone else will see that what I’ve been saying is true.”

What can fans expect when tuning into one of your fights?

“Violence haha”

So officially from the fans and this writer we are calling out Dana!! Sign Lionheart! His record speaks for its self, his dedication does as well. This interview took place while he was with his coach Mick Doyle in Dublin Ireland, where Smith spent some time training at the now infamous SBG. He’s ready to fight anyone anytime and will give the fans what they want.

(Video Courtesy of MMA Futures)

Anthony wants to thank his family, friends and supporters as well as those who ️bad mouth him. Also special thanks to the band emphatic now through the fire, for including him in their video. Share and tag Dana White If you want to see Anthony in the UFC. Make some noise!! Also stay tuned to Fightbook MMA for any breaking news on where to catch him next show your support and give a like and follow his fan page.

By: Korey Lane



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