Anthony “The Joker” McDonald

Wednesday December 2, 2015– There’s a beast roaming free in the beautiful state of Oregon. 6′ 7″ and 240 With KO’s under his belt and a kickboxing background.

“When I step into the cage you will always see madness. That’s why I was nicknamed the joker.”

A veteran, Anthony spent 5 and a half years in the Army. Joining as a way to better his life and discover a new path for himself. Tired of dead-end jobs and wanting to get out of his hometown he first tested for the Navy. However the Army came calling and he was happy to answer.

“I asked them how soon can I leave the recruiter first said 6 months so I hung up the phone. 5mins later they called me back and said 3 months. So I told him unless you can get me out of here sooner we have no deal and I hung up the phone. 15 mins later he called again and he said 8 days I said deal. The Army changed my life once I join so many doors opened up for me. Mma/ kickboxing included”

MacDonald is 3-2-1 in MMA, with his fight against Jimmy Jennett being one of the stand outs. Friends outside the cage, they went to war for 3 action packed rounds. Anthony was victorious.

Anthony is in the gym everyday. He is disciplined with his meals and stays at his fight weight, no cuts needed. Continuously motivated by a promise made to his mother.

“I promised her I would be great in my life. And that promise pushes me everyday”

As ambitious as he is you can bet you will be seeing more of him. He wants to be the best he can be no matter what promotion he’s in or where the fights happen. Including in his down time playing Call of Duty (you can bring the heat by adding him Joker00066).

It’s safe to say if you run into him pre fight you will see the transformation begin. From a man with good intentions to the warrior labeled the joker.

“I say a prayer before every fight. I never ask for victory but I ask for the strength to fight to the best of my abilities. Then I tell the Joker it’s time to play.”

By: Korey Lane

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