Aparajeet Mittal succeeds Raj Kundra as All India MMA Chairman

Mumbai– The All India Mixed Martial Arts Association (AIMMAA) – the oldest governing body for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in India today announced the appointment of Investment Consultant and former Super Fight League Director Aparajeet Mittal as Honorary Chairman. Aparajeet succeeds Raj Kundra who came on board in 2015. AIMMAA is registered in India as an organization to promote and develop Mixed Martial Arts and has been recognized and affiliated to GMMAF: Global Mixed Martial Arts Federation, world headquarters in the United States.

As the new AIMMAA Chairman, Avi will supervise the day to day affairs which cover sanctioning of Professional MMA shows, liasons for upcoming Professional MMA leagues, training and certification of referees and other MMA event officials, ensuring that all protocol is observed and enforced at smaller MMA shows in India, training and certification of MMA instructors and coaches across India, developing partnerships with government organizations which supervise and control combat sports, licensing of professional MMA fighters, memberships of amateur MMA athletes and providing regular reports of development of India MMA to the GMMAF world headquarters.

“I am both honored and elated to chair the AIMMAA board, I have been closely following AIMMAA’s efforts in India and want to bring my successful business experience to enable us to grow as an Indian MMA Organization with a worldwide vision” said Avi Mittal.

Registered in 2004 as virtually an insignificant organization in a nondescript city of western India AIMMAA’s purpose has always been to promote the then unheard of sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Over the past 14 years AIMMAA has grown to boast a database both male and female of close to 10,000 MMA athletes across the country not including the numerous gyms, dojos, fight clubs, instructors, coaches and officials actively spearheading the sport at the grass roots level. AIMMAA is on record India’s oldest MMA organization.

Since its formation, AIMMAA has grown to be one of, if not the oldest mixed martial arts governing organization in the world. AIMMAA’s founder board consists of martial arts pioneers who introduced this sport at an era when MMA was still confused with WWE.

“Mr Mittal with his national and international network will only strengthen AIMMAA’s already determined vision for Indian MMA athletes to achieve global success” said AIMMAA founder and board member Daniel Isaac.

AIMMAA has been training, certifying and providing platforms for some of India’s most experienced Mixed Martial Arts athletes, referees, judges and coaches. AIMMAA has been organizing and supervising the sport aspect for Super Fight League: India’s first MMA promotion to go mainstream as well as the 2.0 version of Super Fight League which boasted of the world’s first MMA team format which brought on board for the very first time celebrity team owners to a full contact combat sport.

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Fast forward from 2004 to 2018 in India and a dozen … and counting other MMA organizations have formed and affiliating with a dozen other ‘world’ bodies but what’s unique with AIMMAA as a mixed martial arts governing organization in India is that it has separate committees designated for 1] Amateur MMA 2] Pro MMA 3] Referee/ Judge training and certification 4] Sport MMA for kids and teens 5] MMA for women’s self defense and 6] MMA for fitness.

AIMMAA has been affiliated with a few International MMA organizations over the past two decades. The fact remains that since the sport is still in its infancy as compared to many other rival combat sports like boxing, wrestling and judo … MMA has received stiff opposition worldwide from numerous national sports federations. The sport is still misunderstood and sometimes the wrong promoters portray MMA in a light which results in the entire MMA community being painted by the same brush. The truth still also remains that MMA is not a sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee and is received worldwide more as a sport for professional athletes. This year AIMMAA has been recognized and affiliated to GMMAF: Global Mixed Martial Arts Federation, world headquarters in the United States. AIMMAA associates strongly with the values and vision of GMMAF and believes this association will benefit both athletes, officials and coaches alike and will last for many years to come.

The average professional indian MMA athlete can earn anywhere between Rs 30,000/- to Rs 5 lacs in one sanctioned MMA fight in India or asia depending on his expertise and experience. AIMMAA led by Avi Mittal as new Chairman wants to increase those average numbers for professional athletes in India starting 2019.


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