Apex Fights VI

From APEX Fights VI Facebook:

After two successful trips to Blountville, Apex Fights returns yet again with a Pro/AM card to the Dickie Warren Dome featuring Tyler “Melee” Minton, Judd “Baby Face” Brown, Ian Boxhorn, and the long-awaited matchup between Bo Oliver and Brandon Grimmett!

The show will also feature many of the area’s top amateur fighters with many titles on the line including the return of Devin “The Warden” Ward, the rematch between Williams and Rutledge, and a Fight of the Year candidate between Daris Reynolds and Cameron Cornett!

Catch all the action LIVE, exclusively on FightBookMMA.com or GFL.tv.

Apex Fights VI Fight Card

Main Event:

Tyler “Melee” Minton vs. Nick “The Killer” Bleser


Devin Ward vs. Bruce “Bearcat” Duckett
Nick Cordle vs. TJ Freeman
Daniel Laney vs. Dustin Price
Cody Hughes vs. John Horton
Blake Mayes vs. Logan Vittetoe
Aaron Lee vs. Juan Molina
Joseph Pelletier vs. Aaron Milloway
Zack Toney vs. Joey DeSanto
Lance Abbott vs. Kaleb Arnold
Bruce Abramski vs. Bodie Price
Linda Gray vs. Angie Dugan
Daris Reynolds vs. Cameron Cornett
Doug Williams vs. Troy Rutledge
Bo Oliver vs. Brandon Grimmett
Dalton Callahan vs. Ryan McVay
“Evil” Ian Boxhorn vs. Nick Collins
Dalton Fox vs. Roy Sanders
Jesse Brown vs. Jesse Grun

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