ARES Fighting Championship announces major decisions in the way its post-event bonuses will be distributed and the creation of a new bonus: Offensive of the Night.

This bonus will be added to the three bonuses already instated by the league: the traditional Fight of the Night (410, 000), the Submission of the Night (10, 000$), and the KO of the Night (10,000$). This unique bonus will look reward the fighter with the most aggressive fight style (regardless of the bout result), allowing them to pick up their finish bonus and move on to the next stage of their contract.

This innovative approach will highlight the merit and courage of fighters, favoring an ambitious style of combat instead of focusing solely on the win. We believe this mindset is what makes our sport great and ARES FC is proud to incentivize fighters who will display such spirit.

Additionally, our audience will directly assign bonuses. It is the wish of ARES FC to give its community of fans a decision-making role by voting for the fighter they believe is deserving of a bonus. This will be done through a digital platform that will be unveiled before the next ARES event.

Fernand Lopez, Sporting Director ARES FC: “Our message is simple: we do not only reward a result as we believe any professional athlete already fights with the purpose of winning. Our policy is designed to encourage our fighters to adopt an aggressive style of fighting. This can only improve the quality of our events. Furthermore, these bonuses are added to the agreed salaries and do not come in substitution. ARES fighters can thus expect to make potentially more money in our league than elsewhere.”

For Robins Tchale-Watchou, Chairman of ARES Fighting Championship “These decisions are indicative as regards to our league’s identity. Current bonus systems in other global leagues are incompatible with ARES, in terms of our values and how to view our sport. Our wish is to find innovative ways to allow our fan community to participate in the league’s upcoming key moments.”


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