Arjan Bullar was not given an opponent and forced to wait for Anatoly Malykhin

Arjan Bullar was not given an opponent and forced to wait for Anatoly Malykhin

The fight between Anatoly Malykhin and Arjan Bullar, the current OneFC heavyweight champion, has been postponed 4 times over the past year. That’s because the Indian fighter constantly finds reasons not to go out to fight.

When Malykhin signed a contract to fight in another division, Arjan Bullaran became more active and threw several challenges to the fighters in his social networks. However, the OneFC leadership denied him other rivals, and urged him to wait for Anatoly Malykhin. This means that now the Indian fighter cannot escape from the duel.

Recall that after another breakdown of the fight, Anatoly decided to fight for the light heavyweight title: “While the heavyweight chicken Arjan Bullard is running away from me, I had to go down to light heavyweight. On December 2, two worthy people — Malykhin and de Ridder — will fight each other. Let’s go!” — Anatoly wrote on social networks.

Preparing for the fight with Rainier De Ridder

Reinier De Ridder – undefeated fighter from Netherlands, champion of the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions in OneFC, he called Malykhin to fight. To go down to the light heavyweight category, Anatoly will have to lose 15 kg in a short time. According to Anita – wife and manager “Sladkiy” – the preparation is going on as usual, but there are nuances:

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“We have connected professionals who monitor nutrition to the work. We need the weight to go away, but at the same time we still have strength, endurance and a good mood. Anatoly Sergeevich loves bread and sweets, various goodies, and we have excluded everything. In addition to calories, we count proteins, fats and carbohydrates. There are no difficulties, it’s just a new experience for us and an opportunity to unleash our potential even more.”


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