By Cameron Chrisp/ IOWA BeAT DOWN

Date: June 22, 2018, venue: Hy Vee Hall/ Iowa Event Center

Photo: LJ Combat Photography/AFC

* this report brought to you by our proud sponsors at IOWA BEAT DOWN & PATTON

Josh Kristensen​ will face Ethan Pfantz​ in a 125lb. matchup, tonight. Kristensen is currently Champion in another promotion at 125. Pfantz is a Champion as well, with another promotion in the smaller towns/areas of Iowa, so this is basically a Champ vs Champ non title fight in AFC. I see a good fight transpiring when you consider these facts. But in the big city, who’s gonna take it?

Nathan Johansen ​is back in action for his 2nd AFC in a row, with his last bout going the other way. Johansen will tangle with Jeff Davis. Johansen is eager to get win #3 against Jeff Davis. Johansen is fighting out of RoundKick GYM, under well known coach, Pete Pederson. Johansen fight for the Real Warrior Fight Team. this bout will be at 145lb.

Chance Cretsinger​ trains out of Victors Top Team (VTT) in the Des Moines area, with Victor Moreno, as his coach and training partner, and. several other talent fighters within Iowa. Cretsinger will test himself against a Ben Halder, who just recently ended his Ammy career, on a impressive 4 fight win streak. Halder has 3 finishes, and a decision in his last 4 bouts.

Halder​: I’m on a 4 fight win streak, and I’m ready to start my pro career off where I left off on my Ammy career. I’d like to give a shout out to BeefCake fuel for getting my diet right, my gyms where I train MSP Wolfpack/ Viking Ninjas, Sisu Strength Academy, and Iowa Martial Arts & Wellness (aka. Pinnacle BJJ) for continuously pushing my barriers, and bettering me as a person & fighter.My thoughts on Chance is that he has decent game, but becomes vulnerable in the later rounds. I’m looking to drag it out there, to see if he can “swim in deep waters”. If he can’t, then you will see a finish, how ever he presents itself.

Jobe Hinders​ a quality fighter as well, will fight rugged Tim Garret.

Anthony Salazar​ will try to defeat the “Double Champ” and physical stud, Spencer “The Wray Gun” Wray​. A naturally physically gifted Wray has won 2 belts in his last 2 fights at featherweight. Spencer fought a much bigger opponent in his last title fight, but ended up battered and bloodied, eyes looked like they wanted to close b y the time that belt was wrapped around him. This kids got serious energy. Spencer told me 7 month ago he was gonna take a break, and train his butt off, and show us a brand new and improved “ Wray Gun”. Well, I assume he’s brand new, now and I can’t wait to see this new Spencer.

* This report sponsored by Patton Eugene Photography & Iowa Beat Down.

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