Ascendancy Fighting Championship 17 Victor Moreno vs Rmandel Cameron

By Cameron Chrisp / Iowa Beat Down/FightBookMMA

Photo/ credit: AFC

Date: Friday June 22, 2018

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Ascendancy Fighting Championship 17 will go down Friday June 22, 2018 at the Iowa Event Center/Hy Vee Hall in beautiful, downtown Des Moines, Iowa. Doors open at 6:30pm, 730pm start time (3rd street). The main event features multi belt holder, and current Pro MMA Champion (in other promotions) Victor (Superman) Moreno (39-24). With over 60 Professional bouts to his credit, he holds multiple belts currently, and is undefeated in Bellator at 170lbs. Iowa Beat Down has Rmandel Cameron (6-3) ranked as the #5 welterweight in Wisconsin. Cameron, also is undefeated in Bellator at 170lb. Cameron’s last bout was on the Bellator Mir vs. Fedor card, for which he won a unanimous decision vs PJ Cajigas.

Moreno is the Head coach at Victors Top Team in the Des Moines area, and is ranked #3 in Iowa. Moreno has built quite an impressive MMA squad, Just packed with talent, and Good vibes. At AFC 16 VTT fighter Brody Jay winning a unanimous decision, during, displayed incredible talent and brute force, in a nail-biting, severally brutal, back n forth, with stand out Ago Huskic. Jay landing bombs louder than in normal fights, repeatedly, sounding like someone cracked a bat in half, time and time again, relentlessly on the unfazed Huskic, in an incredible Co Main. Awarded FIGHT OF THE NIGHT, this was one of the most violent/exciting/well matched fights I’ve ever witnessed cageside. VTT will showcase once again, multiple, great fighters such as double Champ, Featherweight Champion Spencer Wray, Chance Cretsinger, and Josh Henry (off hiatus) also, is a former Pro MMA Champion. You know VTT will be aiming directly at a 4-0 night, and are all sure to display great skill and action throughout the evening. Moreno is 1-1 in his last 2 title bouts, dropping the last to a 1st round sub/choke to Yuri Villefort ( UFC veteran) last December, in which Victor got clipped early, and Yuri sunk a choke, lighting fast, proving his Black Belt. His title defense before that was Jan 2017, in which he took on a big 6’2” Tyler Vogel, whom was holding a 185 Pro MMA belt at the time, with another promotion,in an effort that didn’t last more than a minute inside the cage with Moreno, as Moreno, landed some knees to the body, instantly bringing Vogels hands down, then it was over as Moreno, went high, KO’ing the loud, Vogel, with heavy hands, in Vogels, first Ko loss of his career, (170lb contest). Victor on a 6 month no fight streak, will be eager to get back on track, and into the win column, by displaying his high level skills, yet again, intending enjoy a Main Event Victory.

Iowa Beat Down has Cameron listed at 5’10” (6-3), and Moreno at 6’3”. Cameron is fighting out of Roufus Sport Gym, and trains with several current, high level UFC fighters such as Sergio, and Anthony Pettis, just to name a couple,so I assume Cameron will show up in great shape, conditioning and skill. Cameron also 1-1 in his last 2 bouts lost a split decision, the fight previous to his last. Moreno is 7-3 in his last 10 bouts, and Cameron 6-3 total- on paper this appears to be a very well matched fight. Cameron known for a strong ground game and Moreno with a strong stand up, who wants it the most?

*Top ranked, Invicta star Helen Peralta (#1 Iowa), will also make an appearance, cageside for this high talent, fight card. After winning by KO in her Pro/Invicta Debut and 2nd Pro MMA fight, her stock is fastly on the rise. Helen has been a terror, stackin up 11 wins in her first 12 fights, it just seems unheard of now, in today’s MMA, but she’s doing it in ferocious fashion.

Josh Henry is back from a long hiatus and will face Mike Vanmeer, both former champions, that’ve held the same belt, over the years. Both fighter also very well-known from fighting many years as Pro’s, throughout the area.

Henry: This card is great! Matt Rider is doing awesome things for the sport of MMA, in Iowa. Especially the MMA scene in Des Moines. I’m very honored to be a part of it. As far as my opponent, we know a lot about each other. I’ve watched Minvan fight since I was 15, and started going to fights. He has had the privilege watching me fight for the last decade as well. We have had our bs beefs over the years but, I respect him. He’s got a good right hand, decent push kick, and OK Jits. I feel like I’m a bad matchup for him because I’ll be faster. My kicks will be better, and I have more variety. My wrestling and ground n pound will overwhelm him.

Vanmeer: This fight is gonna be FIGHT of the NIGHT! 2 former Champions, facing each other in an old school, veteran match up!


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