Athletes welcome new weight classes in Brave CF

Brave Combat Federation revealed that two new weight classes are officially announced during Brave 19 hosted in Johannesburg, South Africa. The weight classes will be active from the year 2019. Bahrain based global MMA promotion will adopt the super lightweight (165 pounds) and super welterweight (175 pounds) weight classes, eliminating the traditional welterweight (170 pounds) in the process.

The current welterweight champion Jarrah Hussein Al-Silawi, who claimed the 170-pound belt with a first-round victory over Carlston Harris in September, will be crowned the super welterweight titleholder when the change is made official. The new weight classes will make it easier for fighters to make the weights and would lower the risks of weight cuts. The change also means that fighters are more likely to fight closer to their natural weight.

After the announcements, Carl Booth, Tahar Hadbi and David Bear expressed their interest to join the 175 division which is opted by Jarrah Al-Selawe, the reigning welterweight champion of Brave Combat Federation.

“I am very happy to see my friend, David Bear getting back to Brave Combat Federation with a victory. Hope he gets to have his revenge against Jarrah Al Selawe in a rematch. The weight classes introduced will benefit the fighters and help fighters to fight close to their weight. I will be looking to move to the 175 division.”, said Tahar Hadbi.

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