Atlantis Jr. vs. Ultimo Guerrero: A Battle of Legends in Chicago

Chicago, IL – Major League Wrestling (“MLW”) today announced Atlantis Jr. (representing Promociones Dorado) vs. Ultimo Guerrero (with Cesar Duran) at AZTECA LUCHA, live on TrillerTV+ from Cicero Stadium in Chicago on Saturday, May 11.

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Azteca Lucha isn’t just about championship gold; it’s about pride, power, and the quest for supremacy between Cesar Duran and Salina de la Renta. If Salina’s luchadores win the majority of their matches, Cesar will grant her his mysterious and powerful key… and if Salina fails, it could be spell the end for the “Queen of Lucha.”

As both negotiate matches for this showdown at Cicero Stadium, Cesar Duran and Salina de la Renta have brokered a monumental super lucha, pitting Atlantis Jr., the emerging face of a new era in CMLL, against Último Guerrero, one of the most important luchadores in the history of CMLL. With stakes higher than ever, this match is not just about war between Cesar Duran and Salina; it’s about family honor, pride, and the relentless pursuit of victory.

The bitter rivalry between Último Guerrero and the Atlantis family runs deep, with Atlantis Jr.’s father, Atlantis, defeating Guerrero in a mask vs mask match in 2014. Now, Guerrero, a cunning rudo and true warrior, seeks to exact revenge by humiliating Atlantis’ son before a capacity crowd in Chicago’s Cicero Stadium.

Atlantis Jr., carrying on the family legacy with pride, is determined to honor his father and defend his family’s legacy against the vile rudo Último Guerrero. Nicknamed “The Prince of Atlantis,” Atlantis Jr. is the pride of many lucha aficionados, representing a new era of lucha in the sport.

With the fate of their respective legacies hanging in the balance, both Atlantis Jr. and Último Guerrero will stop at nothing to claim victory in this high-stakes match.

What will Cesar Duran and Guerrero do to secure a high-profile win with the stakes at an all-time high? The answers will be revealed live on Triller TV+ at AZTECA LUCHA.

Lucha Azteca TrillerTV+ card

MLW World Middleweight Title Fight
Místico (champion) vs. Bárbaro Cavernario

Battle of Legacies

Atlantis Jr. vs. Último Guerrero

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•Star Jr.


•Villano III Jr.
•Guerrero Maya Jr.


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