Balancing MMA Life While Having Kids

Raising children is no easy task. Sleepless nights, schedule changes, doctor visits, and intentional parenting are just a few of the things that a parent has to come to terms with after they have a child. Following a career passion while parenting can have its own set of challenges. MMA fighters face a slew of unique obstacles when it comes to combining the desire to stay in the fight and balance parenting life.

Sometimes the game of balancing both career and parenthood can come with guilt. If you’re in the MMA and wondering how you can juggle both the roles of parenthood and a fighting career, read on. Below are a few reasons why MMA parents raise successful kids.

You Know What Fuels the Body

MMA fighters know what their body needs to be at peak performance. You understand the need to eat the right foods that give you lasting energy and strength. It’s not a surprise that many of those parents choose to have the best breakfast with kids. Meals may be more planned and thought out because an MMA fighter understands what the body needs for lasting energy.

You Teach Goal Setting

MMA fighting requires discipline and hours of training. Success isn’t achieved overnight, and the MMA fighter knows how to put in the time needed to reach a future goal. If they don’t show up today and condition, they may not have the strength or discipline to last in a fight.

In the same way, this mindset of working toward a goal can be taught to their kids. Children look to parents as an example and when the MMA’s kids see their parents working hard for their dream, they will understand that accomplishing what you want is possible if you put the work and time in.

You Manage Stress and Mental Health

There is more than physical discipline when it comes to training for a career in MMA. Fighters have to be equipped to manage the mental stress that comes with each hit. Managing this stress is essential to keeping their head in the game. A fighter has to manage their stress and live in the moment to stay present and calm.

Parenting comes with many stressful moments and if an MMA fighter is already used to managing stress, then they will likely present a calm and safe face to their children. Stress affects a child’s development and emotional state. Not only is it healthy to be in control of your emotions, but emotional balance is a behavior that your children can learn and thrive in.

An MMA fighter’s children have a better chance of raising their kids with emotional stability. Not only are they able to teach their kids to regulate their emotions in a healthy way and stay calm, but they are also giving their kids a happier outlook on life.

You Understand Communication 

An MMA fighter is alone in their career. They rely on coaches, teammates, and sponsors to help them achieve their goals. It’s important for an MMA fighter to be able to communicate with his/her team, so they can take the best steps necessary in training and growing as a fighter.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that due to this level of commitment and team atmosphere, that MMA fighters understand social skills and communication. As a parent, it is your job to teach your children how to communicate with other kids and adults. Helping them understand sharing, talking, and a slew of other verbal and non-verbal cues will set the kids up for success.

These skills are needed not only for school but for a long-term career too. If a child takes with them the skills needed to communicate and achieve their goals, then they will have a chance of reaching a long-lasting career.

MMA fighting may seem daunting when balancing parenthood, but you already have all the skills you need to do an amazing job at raising your kids.

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