Barcelona and Brazil legend Daniel Alves supports BRAVE National League: ‘Proud to participate’

BRAVE Combat Federation has recently put forth the plan to introduce the BRAVE National Leagues, a concept which is set to bring mixed martial arts to a new level and globalize the sport by bringing it closer to the FIFA model.

And legendary athlete Daniel Alves, one of soccer/football’s most celebrated figures, has come out in support of the concept revealing it is a ”proud moment” for him to participate in a pivotal moment for sports.

Alves, the most decorated footballer in the history of the sport, with several UEFA Champions League titles for Barcelona and, most recently, an olympic gold medal for Brazil, has spoken about the BRAVE National Leagues and how it relates to his own experiences in soccer/football, and has praised the opportunities that will come out of it.

“The initiative to build the new BRAVE model was based on what I experienced myself in soccer. This model will increase fan loyalty with athletes, with the soccer teams and also leverage talent rising around the world. BNL will create stronger and more profitable opportunities in the MMA industry.”

Another point Daniel Alves was eager to make with BRAVE National League is that it will act as a natural talent-inclusion program, when young fighters will inevitably have the opportunity to showcase their skills to a wider audience and grow from these moments.

“A young man from the countryside will have many more opportunities to demonstrate his talent and become a legend. This is called talent inclusion.”

He has also expressed how proud he is to be involved in a project that will change the landscape of mixed martial arts

“I am very proud to participate in this and to know that I am an active voice in this change. Sport is one of the greatest tools for social transformation”.


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