BATTLEGROUNDS MMA: O.N.E. Weigh-in Results

All eight fighters made weight a welterweight (170 pounds) tournament that will award its winner a grand prize of $50,000 LIVE ON PAY-PER-VIEW AT 10 P.M. EST/7 P.M. PST, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3. Jim Ross and retired UFC superstar Chael Sonnen will call all of the live televised action in the cage.

Official BattleGrounds MMA: ‘O.N.E.’ Weigh-In Results (Pay-Per-View Telecast Bouts):

Tournament Fighters:

Bout # 1

Cody McKenzie – 170.6 pounds
Brock Larson – 170 pounds

Bout # 2

Joe Ray – 169.6 pounds
Luigi FIoravanti – 171 pounds

Bout # 3

Jesse Taylor – 170.2 pounds
Trey Houston – 169.6 pounds

Bout # 4

Roan Carneiro – 170.4 pounds
Randall Wallace – 170.4 pounds

Bantamweight (135 pounds) Co-Main Event:

Tyler Shinn – 135.4 pounds
Chris Gutierrez – 135 pounds

Featherweight (145 pounds):

Jamal Parks – 145.4 pounds
Ruben Warr – 146 pounds

Light Heavyweight (205 pounds):
First Non-Tournament PPV Fight

Wayne Cole – 207.6 pounds
Niko Koliastasis – 204.4 pounds

Featherweight (145 pounds):

Zac Church – 146.2 pounds
Ryan Haynes – 145.4 pounds

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