Bellator 148: Daley Vs Uhrich Preview

Tuesday January 12, 2016 Next up on the Bellator schedule is live from Fresno California, with the original main event being canceled due to the injury of the former UFC fighter Josh Koscheck Bellator had no choice but to make a new main event. Two of the top welterweights in the division will take center stage as, Paul Daley (37-13-2) will be taking on Andy Uhrich (11-5). The new co main event will stay in the welterweight division as Chris Honeycutt (6-0) will take on Paul Bradley (22-6) for the second time. With the welterweight division open for the taking right now, each one of these fighters will be looking for a big win to try to climb their way up the ladder to get a title shot. A big fight in the heavyweight division as well as Raphael Butler (9-1-1) takes on Tony Johnson (9-2). Josh San Diego (5-1) takes on Paul Ruiz (7-2) In the featherweight division, Thomas Diagne (5-5-1) takes on Mark Dickman (10-2) in a featherweight bout, in the welterweight division Idris Wasi (1-3) takes on Mason Fowler (2-0),back into the featherweight division Art Arciniega (14-5) takes on Justin Smitley (9-7), another heavyweight showdown between Javy Ayala (8-4) and Carl Seumanutafa (9-6), Anthony Avila (12-4) takes on John Reedy (11-6) in a feathweight scrap, and in a women’s flyweight bout Ilima-Lei-Mcfarlane (2-0) takes on Amber Tackett (1-1).

Co Main Event Welterweight Division Chris Honeycutt (6-0) Vs Paul Bradley (22-6)

In the co main event the welterweights set the stage for the main event as Chris Honeycutt (6-0) tries to stay undefeated as he steps back into the octagon against Paul Bradley (22-6). Their first fight ended in a no contest as an accidental head butt occurred in the 2nd round. Prior to that fight, Honeycutt had started out his career with six straight wins including four of them by TKO.  With only going the distance once so far in his career, stamina could be a factor for Chris. Even though he has shown that he has the power to end the fight at any second being able to last in the later rounds are key. Paul Bradley on the other hand who has more experience knows that he can last to win a fight. With their last fight going into the second before the head butt occurred, Bradley very well could have been on his way to a late round finish. Bradley on the other hand hasn’t been on a big winning streak like Honeycutt is, as in his last 13 he is 9-4 with 5 submission finishes. Another thing to note is that in some of those losses and in a few of the wins Bradley went the distance, showing that he can wear down Honeycutt and get a late round win. The key for Honeycutt is to use his power to get an early finish, ru

sh Bradley with an overwhelming amount of punches and look for the KO. Bradley need to not only look for the submission finish, but try to stretch out the fight and take it into the late rounds. Make Honeycutt really use his cardio to beat you. Both fighters need a win to try to make a claim that they are for real and want a title shot. A win here for either or will show the Bellator brass they are ready.

Main Event Welterweight Division Paul Daley (37-13-2) Vs Andy Uhrich (11-5)

The new main event are set to rock the welterweight division with a big finish, Paul Daley (37-13-2) is riding a four fight winning streak and has won 8 out of his last 10. With a lot of his wins coming by KO, Daley is going to be looking for the finish. As hot as Daley has been a good fighter like Uhrich will give him troubles, but in his previous fights when he is not knocking guys out he is going the distance. With that in mind Daley can take the fight into the later rounds to try to secure the win, though I do believe that his best bet is to look for the early KO any way possible, Daley strong suits are obviously his ability to throw bombs, but don’t sleep on his submission game either not his strong suit but can make it work.  As for Uhrich he is riding a three fight win streak, all by way of unanimous decision. With the ability to go the distance there is no doubt that Uhrich will try to avoid the KO and take the fight into the later rounds.  Uhrich can be dangerous with his hands and on his feet, and maybe even slip in a submission or two but to me his strengths seem to be the ability to drag a fight out and make his opponent work.  For both fighters a win is huge, and with both men riding a big winning streak there is not telling what a win here on a big stage will do. Maybe a potential title fight in the future. Expect this fight to go into the deeper rounds, there is no doubt that these fighters can finish but it seems they will do whatever it takes to secure the win.

When the first bell rings and the prelims are under way expect a lot of action early. There are some great fights on this card, and for these Hungary fighters looking for a win there is no telling what will happen in the rankings. I’ll tell you this not only will Bellator matchmakers be paying close attention, but Bellator MMA welterweight champion Andrey Koreshkov will be paying extra close attention as a possible contender for his title emerges.

By: Rick San Bartolome



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