Bellator MMA 145 Vengeance Recap

St Louis Missouri (November 7, 2015) —Live from the Scottrade Center in St Louis Missouri Bellator MMA made its return to the Lou is dynamic fashion. As 2 world titles were on the line. Lightweight champion Ill Will Brooks defended his title against submission specialist Marcin Held. Also in the Main event Patricio Pitbull defends his Featherweight title in the 3rd fight against Daniel Straus. Michael Chandler made his return home to try to earn another title shot in a tough bout against David Rickels. Bobby Lashley gets his rematch against James Thompson, and a big announcement by the Olympic gold medalist and top professional wrestler Kurt Angle. A full tilt of prelim bouts, in the first prelim bout Cheljean Erwin Davis defeated Adam Cella by TKO in the 3rd round. In the next bout Garrett Gross beat Jeff Crotty by unanimous decision. Kyle Kurts over Steven Mann by way off submission in the 1st round. In the next bout Adam Meredith took down Jordan Dowdy by submission in the 1st round. Augusto Sakai defeated Alex Huddleston by unanimous decision. Next up was Kain Royer who beat Clay Mitchell by submission in the 1st round. Fazlo Mulabitinovic defeated Scott Ettling by arm bar in the first the last prelim Rashard Lovelace defeated Brandon Lowe via TKO in the first round. The first fight on the main card was a hell of a 3 round battle in the featherweight division, and after going the distance Emmanuel Sanchez (11-2) gets a huge win over Justin Lawrence (8-2) by way of split decision.

Bobby Lashley (13-2) Vs James Thompson (20-14)

After 3 years of a waiting, Bobby Lashley gets his revenge on James Thompson. After a controversial finish with Thompson the victor, Thompson claims that he owns Lashley. From the other side Lashley wants this win not only to get his revenge, but also to keep his eyes on the ultimate prize and that’s to become the Bellator world heavyweight champion. The 1st round started out with some strikes from both fighters, but a perfectly executed take down by Bobby Lashley and an immediate ground and pound on Thompson and that was it. A dominate performance by Lashley, a low single leg takedown that may have blown out Thompsons Knee got Lashley the position he needed to set up for ground and pound and after 54 seconds that was it. A good stop as Thompson was clearly injured, but a huge statement made by Bobby Lashley and a world title fight should be in his future.

Michael Chandler (13-3) Vs David Rickels (16-3)

The last time that Michael Chandler was in his home town he had a dominate victory to put him even closer to another crack at a title shot. David Rickels doesn’t care if it’s in his home town or not the caveman is looking to move up the ranks himself, and not only gain revenge on Chandler and show that their first fight was a fluke but to also try to get himself a title shot down the line. The 1st round started out with a show of respect from both fighters by respecting each other’s skills. A take down by Chandler leads to a full guard. Both mean continue to work of the ground, as Chandler try’s to work in the ground and pound but after a stand up of the fighters Chandler lands a huge a huge right hand on Rickels. Both fighters continue to work, and Chandler takes another beautiful shot and lands is second takedown. After working some ground and pound the 1st round came to an end. A clear first round victory for Chandler as 2 takedowns and a lot of striked landed secured the round. The 2nd round started out with both fighters’ exahgning strikes, Chandler works Rickels into the clinch and proceeds to land another takedown. Rickels works it back to stand up and lands a huge blow to Chandler, and just as Chandler looks to be wearing down he lands a huge blow and it lays out Rickels. Chandler was relentless and didn’t stop, as the blood poured out of the Caveman’s mouth. Chandler didn’t stop and the ref made the call to stop it. A beautiful victory Chandler looking even better and better each fight. A title shot has to be in line for the former champion. Rickels was just overwhelmed and Chandler was just too much for him tonight but still a lot of heart shown he took a bomb and got laid out but didn’t quit.

Lightweight Championship
(C) “Ill” Will Brooks (16-1) Vs Marcin Held (21-3)

After a tough week filled with controversy the champion Ill Will Brooks walked into this fight more confident than ever. Marcin knew exactly what he would have to do to win this fight and that’s when the leg is locked in don’t stop until your champion. The 1st round started out with a touch of the gloves and a trade of jabs between both fighters. Marcin goes for a takedown, and the amazing defense of brooks stops it. Marcin gets the takedown, but Brooks finds himself under no pressure and continues to work his way back up. Marcin has a lock on Brook’s leg preventing the champion from getting up. As calm as Brooks is he finds his way back up into the clinch. Brooks retaliates with a takedown, after the takedown Marcin still finds himself in a position for a submission, Brooks works his way out of a close leg submission, and works some ground and pound. As the first round ended not a lot of action but some really dominating submissions that almost ended the fight, but the will of Brooks kept him in the fight. The 2nd round began with a nice takedown by Brooks, both men work on the ground exchanging submissions and blows. Amazing defense from both fighters, but brooks works his way into full mount and works in the arm triangle. Marcin worked his way out and continues to try to work his way back up. The constant pressure by the champion has Marcin wearing down. The 2nd round came to an end in the champions favor. The 3rd round begins with a failed takedown attempt by Marcin and Brooks back in full mount. The round goes on Brooks continues to dominate almost looks like it all ground work and that’s it for Marcin. While Marcin keeps trying for his submission, the blows keep coming and the wear is starting to show. The 3rd round came to an end and it was another dominant round for the champion. Marcin starts out the 4th round with some strikes then works his way into another submission attempt, but the Brooks defense is so on point that the attempt was blocked and the champion was back in full mount. The 4th round wore on as Brooks continues his dominance with ground and pound and great defense. The 4th round came to a close the champion knows he is up 3-1 and is cruising to another defense. The 5th round began with the champion continuing to show his dominance. Marcin still looking for the submission, but the defense of Brooks was too much and after 5 rounds the champion cruises to another defense. The winner And Still the Bellator MMA lightweight champion Ill Will Brooks. A message was sent out after this fight as Brooks played Marcin’s game and dominated him at it. Brooks’s defense was on point all the way through, another defense whose next for the champion well just have to wait and see.

Featherweight Championship
(C) Patricio Pitbull (24-2) Vs Daniel Straus (23-6)

Everyone loves a sequel and for the 3rd time Patricio Pitbull takes on Daniel Straus. With the gold on the line this time these two rivals didn’t hold anything back. The 3rd chapter in this rivalry began with both fighters showing respect for one another. Both fighters continue to trade blows, but with nothing major happening outside of a take down by Straus the first round came to an end. The 2nd round starts with both fighters feeling each other out, and as soon as an opening occurred Straus lands a huge right hand that floors Pitbull. Straus try’s for the ground and pound and almost found himself in an arm bar. Both men stand up and exchange elbows and hands, the 2nd round comes to and an end with the champion seeing stars. The 3rd round begins with Pitbull still seeing stars and taking hard blows from Straus, Straus goes in for a shot it gets stuffed and both fighters continue to strike. Straus continues to land that jab straight to the champions face. Pitbull answers with a few hands of his own and the champion is starting to recover. The 4th round comes to and end with the champion evening out the fight a little, but still a big round for Straus. The 4th round began with both fighters trading hands, more and more as this fight goes on Pitbull is getting back into this fight. Straus seems to have broken his hand and Pitbull continues to strike. The last round begins with Straus leading but Pitbull very much still in the fight. The fight goes on with the trading of hands, Pitbull goes in for a shot, and Straus counters it and works into the clench. Pitbull finds an opening and gets the takedown, and in the blink of an eye Pitbull take Straus back and found himself in line for the same finish from back in January with a rear naked choke. After some strong defense Straus found his way out. The round comes to a close and both men trade blows back and forth back and forth and with a late blow that connected with Straus jaw there just wasn’t enough time and they go the distance. And the winner by unanimous decision and the new featherweight champion Daniel Straus. A hard-fought fight for both men by far one the best fights of the year. Straus fought his game and did what he had to do. Pitbull has a jaw like stone and I’m sure he’ll be back a lot of heart by the former champion.

After a long night of fights were major announcements were made, champions were retained and finally a new champion was crowned. Another amazing night for Bellator MMA, many good things coming and I can’t wait to see what’s next.

Rick San Bartolome

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