Bellator MMA Dynamite1 Recap

Dynamite rendering

Photographs from the evening’s five kickboxing bouts, including GLORY’s Light Heavyweight World Championship fight between Saulo Cavalari and Zack Mwekassa, below.
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Photo Credit: James Law, GLORY Sports International

Sunday September 20, 2915– Live from San Jose California at the SAP center. Bellator MMA put on their biggest event of the year Dynamite1. Not only did Bellator MMA put on its most hyped event of the year but, Glory kickboxing was in the house doing its thing as well. The co headline of the evening was the semi finals for the Light Heavyweight tournament. King Mo, Linton Vassell, Emanuel Newton, and Phil Davis Tore down the house. The return home for Josh Thompson, and of corse the main event of the Evening the Huntington Beach Bad Boy Tito Ortiz gets his shot against the Bellator Light heavyweight champion Liam McGeary.

King Mo (15-4) Vs Linton Vassell (15-4)

With the fight starting out fast and furious, King Mo landed an early right hand and rocked Vassell. However as the round kept going on, Vassell tried to shake the cob webs and regain his confidence, but King Mo kept coming and throwing that right hand. Vassell tried to work Mo in the clench, but that wouldn’t keep Mo down. As Mo escaped, the right hand kept coming and it was too much for Vassell and the wear from the blows were starting to show. Mo turned on the offense and the hands started raining on Vassell, The ref keeping a close eye called it clean and didn’t need to stop it and Vassell survived the first round. As the second round began Vassell seemed to have recovered and as Mo let off the gas, Vassell started to let it rain as he landed some clean shots on Mo. As the round wore on King Mo went with his background and slammed Vassell hard down to the mat. Vassell using his strengths took Mo’s back and tried to look for the submission finish. This was by far the best chance that Vassell had to win the fight. Mo worked himself free and slammed Linton to the floor again, as Mo took back control of the fight by throwing the right hand again he cruised his way through the second round to earn the Unanimous decision and certify his spot in the finals.

Phil Davis (13-3) Vs Emanuel Newton (25-8-1)

As the first round began Davis and Newton started off slow by showing the respect for one another. Davis found his opening and worked Newton to the ground, As Davis worked Newton into side control he began to try to work in the Kamura. Newton knew he was in trouble and managed to work himself out of the submission, but was still on the bottom of Davis. The former Collegiate wrestler worked the former champion into full guard, Davis continuing to work for the Kamura found his opening and locked it in. Emanuel Newton had no choice but to tap out. A perfectly executed Kamura arm bar and strong wrestling has not only certified his win, but also officially placed Phil Davis in the finals against King Mo for a shot at the Light Heavyweight title.

Josh Thomson (20-8) Vs Mike Bronzoulis (18-8-1)

As Mike Bronzoulis came down to “Cant Be Touched” by Roy Jones Jr, the hometown kid Josh Thomson made his way to the octagon to the “Playaz Club”. The first round began with some quick jabs and slow movement both fighters showing respect for each others abilities. Thomson continued to move with a quick style of fighting, and as an opening occurred Thomson took Bronzoulis to the ground looking for a full mount. Bronzoulis in half guard, let Josh Thomson get into half guard. Thomson preceded to lock Bronzoulis legs and complete the step over into a full mount. But the guard of Bronzoulis held strong and the first round came to an end. As the second round began Thomson wasted no time taking Bronzoulis to the mat, continuing to look for the full guard the veteran Thomson was wearing down the resilient Bronzoulis. As the second round came to an end the Real Punk was cruising to another victory. The third round began and Bronzoulis knew that his back was against the wall so he had no choice, but to turn on the gas and start swinging for the win. The veteran Thomson sat back and waited for his opportunity to take Bronzoulis back to the mat. After Thomson slammed Bronzoulis back to the mat, The Real Punk worked his way into an arm triangle choke and Bronzoulis had no choice but to tap out. A hell of a fight put on by the former Strikeforcce champion, perfectly executed and a clean finish. A perfect debut for Josh Thomson in Bellator MMA. What a homecoming for the Real Punk Josh Thomson.

A return of a legend Fedor Emelianenko:

The MMA world was surprised to see that one the biggest names in all of combat sports had chosen to sign with Bellator MMA. Fedor Emelianenko has signed a deal to fight for Bellator with his first fight coming on New Years Eve in Japan. The Last Emperor had been mulling choosing between the UFC and other organizations, but ends up with Scott Coker and Bellator. Every MMA fan is excited to see what Fedor has left in the tank, but the former champion said himself “I am a fighter and I’m ready to fight”. Should be a huge night on New Years Eve 2015 when The Last Emperor returns to the Octagon.

Light Heavyweight Contender Tournament Finals

Phil Davis Vs Francis Carmont

The finals for a shot at the Light Heavyweight title took a huge twist as the winner from earlier in the evening King Mo injured his ribs and was not cleared by the doctors. In steps Francis Carmont a fighter who trains under MMA legend George St Pierre, Everyone knows the show must go on. As the fight started off both Davis and Carmont stayed true and showed respect for on another’s abilities. Quickly Davis began to put on pressure and Carmont began to feel the pressure. As Davis wore down Carmont more and more opportunities opened up for Davis to finish the fight. In the Blink of an eye a strike of lighting came down on Francis Carmont, The right hand of Mr. Wonderful Phil Davis. As Carmont fell back, Davis got right down to finish the fight with strikes to the head. After the referee stopped the fight Phil Davis was the Tournament Champion and the new number one contender for the Light Heavyweight title. A strong ground game, submission game, And unbelievable striking has led Mr. Wonderful to get his first ever shot at a world title.

Light Heavyweight Title Match:

Tito Oritz (18-12-1) Vs Liam Mcgeary (11-0)

The first round of the main event began with the legend Tito Ortiz opening up with some strikes, as Ortiz goes in for the first take down the champion Mcgeary stuffed it. The veteran who was fully prepared for this fight fought his way to take control of the champs hands to land some mean strikes the face. Mcgeary managed to break away from Ortiz’s hold and work his way into an arm bar. As Ortiz manages to break away from the arm bar a simple mistake by the veteran led to an opening for Mcgeary to slip in the inverted triangle. Ortiz had no other options but to tap out and just like that with the first round coming to an end the fight was over. The winner and still the champion Liam Mcgeary. Even though Tito Oritz trained his ass off and proved to the world that he could still fight with the best of them, just didn’t have enough tonight. A gutsy performance by the champion a hard-fought victory, the undefeated record still in tact. The submission skills shown by the champion were out of this world. For who ever faces Mcgeary next Davis or who ever will have their hands full with a dominant champion.

After a huge event in the Bay area were we saw a 4 man tournament, Glory Kickboxing, the return of a legend, and one of the greatest defeated by a future star. MMA has taken another step forward in making this one of the biggest sports in the world. The sky is the limit for Bellator, with big fights coming up the MMA world will have their hands full. A fight I think we are all excited for is when the winner of the tournament tonight Mr. Wonderful Phil Davis Takes on the Champion Liam Mcgeary. Dynamite1 was a success and was pure bliss for all MMA fans everywhere, I know The Bay Area can’t wait to see Bellator right back here for more action.

By: Rick San Bartolome

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