Bellator MMA top contender Brennan Ward

Friday October 30, 2015– Irish Brennan Ward beat Dennis the menace Olson by KO in the first round of their Bellator 144 fight.  Improving Wards record to 12-3. He is now on a 3 win streak .

With rumors flying that he may be next for a title shot, Ward says:

“If that happens great, if not it will come. Welterweight division is interesting right now. I have a lot to show that I haven’t yet.”

For him it’s not just the belt that’s important it’s the journey, his will to win and his super competitive spirit.

“I’m self motivated. I’m a competitor at heart. So I just try to do everything I do,the best it can be done.”

This drive must have come from his early introduction to combat sports. His father owns a gym and at a young age he started Boxing and Judo. Eventually getting into wrestling as well.

“MMA was just a natural progression. It was a way to make a few bucks. Decided to give it one hard shot and see how it turned out. Took no easy fights, as most people do when they start.Took the top ranked guys in the region on and it snowballed from there”.

One stand out moment for Ward was from 2013.

“Beating Justin  Torrey in the opening round of the tournament, I was an alternate and Justin was one of the favorites to win. It catapulted my career.”

Wards record now speaks for itself. He has only one win by decision,

“I want to retire and be remembered as a guy who left it all out there and was exciting. I’m not a point fighter I don’t  fight to win decisions or an MMA match, I fight to win a fight.”

His strong work ethic keeps him in the gym most days with not much down time. So what’s a lazy day for Ward?

“A lazy day for me is one that I just skate all day without hitting the gym. That doesn’t happen too often.”

When asked if he follows a strict diet plan his response made me a bit jealous.

“(Laughing) I eat fast food almost every day. No exaggeration. Moes is my favorite”

The fame brought on by becoming a top contender and that hasn’t changed him much. The only adjustments he’s made is not getting sucked into fights outside the cage.

“Before anyone knew who I was I got in my fair share of fights in my town, so now when I go out it doesn’t really happen too often. Bellator would have my ass if I got in a bar fight my boys would get in the way before that ever happened.”

I’m willing to bet he knows some bad ass women as well, as he’s a fan of women’s MMA.

“I’ve been around some nasty women boxers growing up as well as some female wrestlers. I think the girls are great.”

It’s hard not to like the dude, unless of course you’re his next opponent. He has nasty KO ability and is dangerous on the ground. You can follow Brennan on Twitter or on Facebook.

By: Korey Lane

(Photo Courtesy of Brennan Ward)

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