Bellator MMA’s Top 20 Knockouts and 15 Fantastic Finishes – Friday, January 9th Starting At 9pm

Friday, January 9th at 9pm, one week before Bellator 132: Pitbull vs. Straus, fight fans can prepare for the action with two Bellator Highlight Specials: “Top 20 Knockouts” and “15 Fantastic Finishes”

Bellator MMA Top Moments of 2014: Biggest Knockouts:

Bellator MMA’s Top 20 Knockouts
Premieres on Spike TV Friday, January 9 at 9:00pm, ET/PT

Spike TV takes a look at the most devastating finishes to have ever occurred inside the Bellator cage in Bellator MMA’s Top 20 Knockouts. From Liam McGeary’s 22 second knock out over Mike Mucitelli to Douglas Lima’s lights-out head-kick over Ben Saunders, to Emanuel Newton’s spinning back fist heard around the world, Bellator’s biggest jaw dropping moments are on display. This hour-long special is hosted by Bellator MMA analyst Jimmy Smith.

Bellator MMA Presents: 15 Fantastic Finishes
Premieres on Spike TV Friday, January 9 at 10:00pm, ET/PT

The Bellator cage has been home to some of MMA’s greatest finishes. Spike Sports celebrates 15 of the best in Bellator MMA Presents: 15 Fantastic Finishes. This one hour show features Bellator’s finest fighters pulling off some of the slickest submissions KO’s and TKO’s the sport has ever seen.

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