Bethe and her delusions of grandeur

Sunday August 23, 2015– This week Bethe Correia is calling out Miesha Tate. Stating that they have unfinished business from February of this year, when Tate asked for a fight with her. As we all know Bethe went on to lose to the UFC champ Rousey in 34 seconds by way of ko.  Her record is now 9-1 with 7 decisions. Her only tkos at the expense of Duke and Baszler. With that said, why does she keep talking like she is a legend?

Right after her damaging loss to Rousey, Bethe was saying:

“I feel I started out well, I did what I was supposed to do”.

There was a moment at the presser that was cringe worthy, when the interpreter said “even Mike Tyson has been knocked out”. Now  she’s saying no one has interest in seeing Miesha fight, as though we have interest in seeing her more. Is this a case of talking your way into fights? Or is this piggy backing her name to more dominant fighters? It’s the fight game, people talk and build rivalries to boost interest in the fights. I believe someone needs to hand Bethe a dose of reality. Obviously  34 seconds wasn’t humbling enough.

By: Korey Lane

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