Bilal Tipsaev eager for a rematch against Glenn McVeigh after BRAVE CF 54 draw

BRAVE CF kicked off at full throttle with a back-and-forth, the action-packed bout between Bilal Tipsaev and Glenn McVeigh ending in a draw. The result, of course, left both men with a bad taste in their mouths.

Glenn McVeigh was the first one to start campaigning for a rematch, immediately after the bout, while Tipsaev focused on the events that had recently trespassed, arguing that the fight wouldn’t be a draw if he hadn’t had a point deducted.

Tipsaev’s attention has shifted since then and the Allstars Training Center prodigy is now actively pursuing a do-over against McVeigh as soon as possible.

“Borz” has been expressing his rematch intentions through social media and went after BRAVE CF officials to request another bout against McVeigh.

BRAVE CF officials haven’t yet confirmed the rematch but it’s safe to assume that the option will be considered over the course of the next months, as it’s been usual in similar cases during the truly global promotion’s 5 year tenure.

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