BKFC 28 results and live stream: Ferea vs Starling

Rio Rancho, NM: Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship (BKFC), The World’s Fastest Growing Combat Sport, debuts in Rio Rancho, New Mexico on Saturday, August 27, 2022, at the Rio Rancho Events Center.

In the main event, the Women’s Flyweight World Championship is on the line as Champion Christine ‘Misfit’ Ferea defends her belt against undefeated #2 Ranked Contender Taylor ‘Killa Bee’ Starling. In the co-main event, we will see the debut of the former UFC title challenger John “The Magician” Dodson vs. Ryan “Baby Face” Benoit.

BKFC 28 results: Ferea vs Starling (fight card and bout order subject to change):

Main Card

BKFC Women’s Flyweight World Championship: Christine Ferea vs. Taylor Starling: The round starts with Starling startling the champ but quickly gets up. That was the start of the end when Ferea knocks down Starling and looks to her corner saying she can’t continue. The ref asks her if she can fight and says yes. Ferea again lands hard shots, Starling gives Ferea her back and quits and the ref stops the fight at the 00:47 mark by KO.

John Dodson vs. Ryan Benoit: Round one starts real quick with Dodson landing some hard shots knckking down Ryan three times. John lands another hard shot that knock down Ryan again and this time the ref calls the fight. Dodson wins by TKO at the 00:40.

Brad Kelly vs. Isaac Valle-Flagg: The round starts with Brad landing right hands and Ike is not able to counter like he wants. The bell rings. Round two starts with Brad being more relentless landing the better punches. Isaac is taking the shots but does seem to be getting tired. The bell rings. We start round three with more of the same of the last two rounds. Clinch work and body shots from both fighters. The bell rings. Round four and five are the same with Brad landing his power shots. Brad is able to knockdown Isaac and gets up and the round starts backup again. The bell rings. The winner of this fight sees Brad kelly with a unianimous decision.

Jeremy Smith vs. Donald Sanchez: Jeremy starts the fight landing his shots while Donald covers up. Donald does land some of his shots. This round was a feel-out round and the bell rang. Round two starts where it left off in round one. Donald seems to not be able to fight his range as Jeremy is relentless with his punches landing his body shots. Round three starts with Jeremy landing his punches. Round four begins with Jeremy again controlling the fight. Jeremy is throwing more punches until the bell rings. In the fifth and final round, Jeremy just has no quit in him. Donald just can’t seem to find any of his shots. The bell rings. The winner by unanimous decision Jeremy Smith.

Jake Young vs. Will Santiago: They start off quick and they trade blows until Will lands a shot knicking down Jake. Will is able to do this three more times until the bell rang. At the beginning of the second round, the Dr talks to Jake and decided that he can’t continue due to a knee injury. The winner is Will by TKO (Dr stoppage).

Nick Villar vs. Eric Dodson: Round one starts with the fan favorite Eric Dodson winning his bare-knuckle debut with a KO at the 0:23 mark.

Tony ‘Loco’ Soto vs.  Joshua Morales: The beginning of this round sees Tony coming in strong landing some of his shots. Joshua is able to cover up and not take too much damage. The bell rings. At the start of the second round, they exchange blows, but Tony looks to be the aggressor landing his jabs. Joshua has no answer to Tony’s punches. The bell rings. Round three starts and Tony is relentless to finish this fight. The hometown favorite in Joshua is not able to find the answer to Tony’s jabs and counterpunches. Tony again, lands a hard jab that hurt Joshua and he couldn’t continue. The ref waives the fight off. The round ends at the 1:49 mark with Tony winning the fight by TKO.

Zion Tomlinson Sr. vs. Joshua Moreno: This fight starts off with a feel-out process until Zion stings him and brings him to his knees. The fight starts fairly quickly. Zion connects with his shots but Joshua covers up as much as he can. The bell rings. At the start of the second round, picked pretty much where the first round ended. Joshua found his range and is able to knock out Zion with a nice left hook and a right uppercut. The round ends at the 1:00 mark by KO with Zion winning the fight.


Josh Watson vs. Kyle McElroy: They start the fight with a feel-out process. Josh lands a hard shot knocking out his mouth peace of Kyle. The fight continues and Josh again with hard punches KO’s Kyle. The fight ends with Kyle winning at the 1:24 mark.

Cassie Robb vs. Jayme Hinshaw: This round start fast with Henshaw wasting no time and starting to drop bombs and Cassie could not answer. After what seems like Henshaw threw a million punches, the ref finally stops the fight. The round ends at the 1:18 mark with Henshaw winning this fight with a KO.

Roderick Stewart vs. Jeremy Salceda: At the start of the first round they start to land their shots and Roderick lands heavy shots knocking down Jeremy. Roderick is the more dominant fighter. During the first round, Jeremy lands a nice shot knocking down Roderick. Jeremy again lands a straight shot and knocks down Roderick and the ref waives the fight off as Roderick could not get up. The round ends at the 1:38 mark with a KO win from Jeremy Salceda.