Blaze Kids: Sparking A Fire for the Future

Not only a hotbed to groom young competitive talent, Racheal Blaze has set up Blaze Kids as a means to provide young athletes with the necessary tools to be successful as they reach for their dreams in whatever makes their heart content. The mission statement of Blaze Kids reads:

“The children are and always will be the FUTURE. As such, as The Ambassador of Combat Sports, my goal is to showcase the talents and abilities of young phenoms all over the world. While teaching them the fundamentals on anti-bullying, strategies for success, reaching your full potential, and being prepared for their careers in any sport. The articulation for growth with careful planning and execution with a positive outlook for ultimate drive for success. There are no limits to what Blaze Kids can do for any child regardless of economic status or other barriers.”

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On Episode 67 of Cage Side Submission Radio (CSSR), Blaze was able to discuss the importance of her organization prior to any of her youthful talents appearing alongside herself and host, Steve Rychel. Children need outlets to feel successful, and Blaze defended the truth in this statement,

“I really, honestly believe that any type of sport or extracurricular activity you can get your kids in is extremely important. And don’t let finances stop you from putting these kids into something that’s positive.”

Providing children a resource honed to their talents and/or interests opens gateways to not only dream but visualize their path to success. In order to get from point A to point B, you first have to imagine yourself doing so. Willa Carter, an American author (1873-1947), understood the importance of purposeful experience because she was quoted,

 “It takes a great deal of experience to become natural.”

Many professional athletes have repeated the phrase of Lucius Seneca (4 BC-65 AD), a Roman philosopher when explaining how it is they found themselves at the level of competition they are,

 “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

With Blaze Kids, luck doesn’t have to meet opportunity; instead, opportunity is placed in front of those who desire it, therein, removing any and all luck.

One of the youthful stars who has benefitted from being paired up with Blaze Kids is Jacob “The Bull” Brown. Jacob, age eleven, is a budding star who favors Judo and Jiu-Jitsu, but he envisions himself participating in the UFC down the road. Jacob is very passionate about his studies and development within the various martial arts, and his charisma shone through while participating as a guest on CSSR. Blaze asked him what’s coming up and how training was going, and Jacob enthusiastically replied,

“We are going to do a tournament called [SJJIF] Worlds Tournament. It’s a big event; it’s like Pan-Ams; it’s a really big event for kids. Training is awesome actually. I train at AOJ academy. I workout; I train hard; it’s awesome!”

Jacob truly views the world of martial arts through the perspective of something that is within his life, which makes success within his reach. Peter Johnston, an author of professional texts in the field of education, noted inOpening Minds (2012),

“Children must experience many things as at least potentially changeable, not just aspects of the world outside them, but also aspects of themselves-their learning, their identities, their personal attributes, and their ways of relating to others.”

Knowing there are young prospects, like Jacob, out there is exciting for MMA fans, but understanding that these children need to have a backup plan outside of athletic competition can only be positive for society; setting your sites along the river toward your goal is terrific, but keep in mind that tributaries can be followed in case the current shifts.

Blaze demonstrated her belief in her organization’s mission statement by asking Jacob about what he could imagine for his future if combat sports couldn’t be a part of it. Being eleven and deeply rooted in sports, Jacob gave the answer you’d expect to hear from a child of his age: he either sees himself participating in soccer, motocross, or gymnastics. Blaze Kids focuses on benefitting the future careers of martial artists, but it doesn’t stop there; the organization sets forth to create well-rounded individuals who will find success in life, no matter what!

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For more information or to donate to Blaze Kids, go to

Listen to this Episode of Cage Side Submission Radio and others here.

Photos by Pakka Serrano Pakko Studio and Blaze Team Media

Written by: Dave Madden,

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