Boxing and MMA Sports Betting & Types of bets

What are online sports betting?

Sports events have become extremely popular these days. Many sports teams have their own “armies” of loyal fans. Betting on sport can be very lucrative and promising, as meetings take place for most of the year and major sports events are held regularly even in the current pandemic conditions.

Sports bets are bets of various types between a player and a betting shop. During the summer period, only tennis betting can rival football betting in terms of popularity, so this particular sport is ideal for novice bettors. It is also very much loved by experienced punters because thanks to the peculiarities of the sport it is possible to make a variety of bets and win often.

Where to start online betting on sports?

1xbet’s betting lineup includes both standard and unique sports. The match coverage is vast, spanning a wide range of potential scenarios. The coverage is nearly perfect in terms of timing events and other stuff. 1xbet offers its customers good odds on the prematch line. Analysts merely make minor adjustments to the odds to make them more or less comparable to those of other betting institutions.

On the website you can place bets on cybersports and the financial market, as well as singles, expressions, systems, and chains on more traditional sports. Financial market betting events, in particular, shine with options, and such sub-species are included in the lineup for diversity. The prospect of selling your bets back to the office is appealing.

Boxing and MMA are interesting bets

  • Failure to qualify for around. If a boxer fails to advance to the next round, the winning betting option will be the opponent winning the previous round.
  • Victory after Knockdown Boxer must be sent down, rise to eight after the referee’s mandatory countdown, and subsequently win the fight. 
  • Victory in 60 seconds: The selected boxer must win the fight in 60 seconds of the first round.
  • Knockdown/Referee Countdown. For calculating bets, a knockdown is when a boxer falls from a punch or the referee opens the mandatory count to eight (if the boxer slips, the referee does not start the count). Bets on knockdowns in a particular round will be void if the bout ends before the start of the respective round.

The most unusual bets made by players 

Bite bet

A very unusual sports bet was made by a Norwegian fan. Like many other fans who like sports betting and betting, he decided to try his luck and try to guess what will happen at the FIFA World Cup in 2014.

The fan bet that Luis Suarez, a footballer from Uruguay, would bite someone during the 2014 World Cup. This behavior of the footballer was to be expected because he had previously been known for such unsportsmanlike behavior.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the bet played out. In Italy’s match against Uruguay, Suárez bit an opposing team defender. The story ended with the Norwegian fan winning a thousand dollars and FIFA suspending the player from several matches.

60 meters goal 

Another unusual bet was made by an English Liverpool fan in 2006. He bet £200 that one of his beloved club’s players could score a goal without crossing the halfway line in the year. On January 7, 2006, in the FA Cup match, Xabi Alonso did score the ball into the opponent’s goal from his half of the field. Thus, the ball flew more than 60 meters before hitting the opponents’ goal.

By the way, in September of the same year, Alonso scored another goal from his half in an English Premier League match.

The wildest odd

The bet with the highest odds in history was made in England in 1929. Catherine Unsworth bet on the results of all the races. The odds were 1:3410, the chances of winning were minimal. But she was not wrong in any of her assumptions. But judging from the fact that the sum she risked was only 10 pence, she didn’t use any betting strategy.

Cricket most interesting bets 

  • The highest number of ‘sixes’. Which team will earn the most sixes?
  • Betting on the match. Double odds: Will the match end with one of the three results shown?
  • The highest number of extra wounds (extra). Which team will get the most extra wounds to its result for rebounds?
  • Best partnership in the first match. Which team will earn the most wounds before losing the first weekend?


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