Brad Pickett: Earning Your Place In MMA Without the Scorecards

In classrooms, teachers utilize a Gradual Release Model (Pearson and Gallagher, 1983) to enable students to gain independence with particular tasks or conceptual understandings. The process includes: the teacher models a given task; teacher and students perform the task together; students who demonstrate proficiency can begin to practice independently, whereas, others may require remediation. Brad Pickett, a professional mixed martial artist, appeared as a special guest on Podcast 54 of Jon and Mike’s MMA Corner and contended that MMA mimics a similar pattern of development for its fighters and should with its referees. Pickett finds himself amongst some of the greatest on the UFC’s roster as he is set to appear on UFC 189’s fight card, the UFC’s most stacked card to date, yet the judges may prove to be a thorn in Pickett’s side, again.


Brad “One Punch” Pickett (25-10-0) is a veteran of mixed martial arts, a pro since 2004, and the up-and-coming athletes in the sport could learn a lot from his experiences. Pickett worked his way up the proverbial ladder by battling it out in organizations, local to international, and he’d be the first to admit that rising to an elite level, the end of an arduous climb, begins at step one.

Long before stepping in to face the young and hungry Brazilian, Thomas “Thominas” Almeida (18-0-0), at UFC 189, Pickett was the Cage Rage featherweight champ. When he discussed this accomplishment, his voice resounded with pride. MMA around the world is exploding, and the United Kingdom is no different. “One Punch” offered up a shot at his opinion of the regional fighting promotions,

“You need a local scene to grow the talent. There are so many guys who aren’t even in the UFC. I’ve got a lot of great training partners in the UK. There are just so many guys in my gym right now.”

Future MMA phenoms display a wealth of skill at what many consider farm leagues. Pickett ran back a fight that still settled at the forefront of his memory, which was a Cage Rage event,

“One of the best events I’ve ever seen live was at Cage Rage, [Evangelista] Cyborg versus [Melvin] Manhoef.”

The mere recollection of this fight had the entire studio buzzing with excitement,

Pickett continued,

“Cyborg got finished. Then, once the referee tried to stop everything, he was so out of it that he was hammer-fisting Manhoef. Manhoef was like, ‘Wait, the fight was stopped already.’ Cyborg was like, ‘Uh…’ and hammer-fisting away.”

Check out for yourself how a local fight can intrigue your MMA passions,

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By: Dave Madden

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