Branden Seyler eyes CES title shot after CES 51

Before Branden Seyler returns to action against top New England prospect Dylan Lockard on Friday at CES 51 in Lincoln, R.I., LIVE on AXS TV Fights, he spoke with FightBookMMA.

How’s training camp going for this fight?

Training camp is going really well. I’ve got a lot of different looks with a lot of different partners. It’s always a grind.

What does Dylan Lockard bring to the table?

He’s pretty well-rounded. His strong suit is his ground game – his standup is fundamentally sound – but he is a pretty well-rounded fighter. He looks to trade and get in for takedowns and ground and pound. He’s good everywhere, so there’s nowhere I can feel safe.

How big of a role will your experience play in this fight?

I think it’ll play a huge role. If you look at it, I’ve fought top guys all throughout my professional career. Off the top of my head, I can think of five guys I’ve fought with ten-plus wins. He doesn’t have that. His opponents’ combined record is like 2-20 – something like that. I have a lot more experience than he does and that allows me to be more comfortable in there. If something doesn’t go my way, I’m not necessarily going to panic right away. I’ll be able to weather that storm. I’ve been there with a lot of other good fighters. There’s nothing in there I’ll see that’s new, but I may be able to show him something he’s never seen before.

Have you ever turned down a fight with CES? I see you’ve fought a lot of guys with belts, what is it about the Northeast that pushes you to fight against the best?

I like to challenge myself. I love to compete. If you’re fighting bums and winning, you can’t really hang your hat on that. It’s not something that you can look back on and be proud of. Win, lose, or draw – I’m coming out with my best foot forward. I’m trying to fight the top guys, so I can look back when I’m old and say that I fought the best of the best. I don’t really care about my record. If your goal is to get to the top level – the UFC or Bellator – you’re going to have to fight those guys, anyway. Why get there with a resume with inferior talent on it? I love coming to Rhode Island and fighting for CES. They’re a great organization and they always show me a good time.

What’s the most likely outcome for Friday’s fight?

It’s going to be 100 percent excitement – at least on my end. It’ll only be boring if he makes it boring. I have plans to get the W and fight for the title soon.