BRAVE CF 52’s Kevin Ruart once wanted to be Mike Tyson but fell in love with BJJ and ended up in MMA

Geneva, Switzerland – The most unique and distinguished aspect of Mixed Martial Arts is, as its own name suggests, the fact that it’s not a restrictive form of combat, but a white canvas in which martial artists can express themselves in a multitude of ways without any parallel in sports.

This key element of MMA was exactly what brought in the young Kevin Ruart. Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Ruart wanted to be like his childhood idol, “Iron” Mike Tyson. He joined a boxing gym and put on the gloves and followed his dream.

However, with Mike Tyson being one of the most iconic power punchers in the history of the noble art, Ruart felt like he wouldn’t be as accomplished if not laying down bodies like Tyson used to.

But that didn’t stop Kevin. In fact, it only meant his path took a slight detour. He joined a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym and all of a sudden he was now collecting necks and joints rather than one-punch knockouts.

And what better way to combine his two passions than competing in a sport that allowed him to use both his boxing and jiu-jitsu. Thus, Kevin Ruart started his successful career in Mixed Martial Arts, first competing for 10 times as an amateur.

Turning pro, Ruart fought in the European scene and won his first regional-level title, in Belgium. As a local champion, he then signed with BRAVE Combat Federation in search of global glory.

Ruart’s professional record, in fact, describes this duality of styles, with 9 professional wins, 8 of them via stoppage, with 4 knockouts and 4 submissions.

On August 1st, Kevin Ruart will be back in Europe, this time alongside BRAVE Combat Federation, as he takes on Olli Santalahti, aiming for his third promotional win.


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