BRAVE CF brings a new breakthrough for MMA in Germany

BRAVE Combat Federation kicks off a series of three events in Germany with BRAVE CF 61, taking place this Saturday, August 6th, in association with NFC. But the commitment of the fastest-growing MMA organization in the world to the development of the sport in the country runs way deeper.

In addition to providing a new platform for German fighters to shine on a global stage and bringing the eyes of the international combat sports community to the nation, BRAVE CF has also provided martial arts fans from Germany with the opportunity to watch BRAVE CF events around the world.

The partnership with FIGHTING.DE, the leading martial arts platform and home of international MMA events, will extend BRAVE CF coverage across the existing fanbase in Germany, and will also look to increase mixed martial arts exposure for sports fans all around the nation.

Aside from all fights being shown on FIGHTING.DE, the main bouts from each of BRAVE CF’s events in Germany will be broadcast live on Sport1, the number one platform for sports in the country, with increased viewership and exposure, helping the sport reach a new audience.

BRAVE CF will be the only international mixed martial arts organization to be broadcast live by Sport1.

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BRAVE CF 61 will be followed by two other German events until the end of the year. On October 8th, the organization lands in Munich, while Dusseldorf welcomes BRAVE CF on December 17th.


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