BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid celebrates success in Kazakhstan: “We promised to showcase talent and saw the rise of superstars”

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BRAVE Combat Federation, the premier Mixed Martial Arts organization, based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, held its 53rd edition this Saturday (21) in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The event was over for just a few seconds and there was in the air that feeling of success and a job well done.

The promotion landed in Almaty for BRAVE CF 53 and the fight night, with a mix of the biggest stars of international MMA and the best Kazakh fighters, delivered it in every way, shape, or form imaginable.

The crowd was absolutely fantastic and got enough reasons to cheer and celebrate with the local fighters having a night to remember inside the BRAVE CF Arena.

BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid acknowledged the special moments of BRAVE CF 53 and left his message after one of the greatest fight nights of 2021.

“It was a night of pure entertainment, a full MMA package, with a huge spectacle, great fight after great fight, it had it all”, Mr. Shahid said. “BRAVE CF 53 was an MMA highlight from start to finish. We promised Kazakhstan we would showcase their talent and what we saw was the rise of superstars”.

“Honestly, I hadn’t gotten this excited about an event in a long time, he continued. “What I saw from kids like Tae Kyun Kim, for example. He’s going to be the biggest Korean MMA star out there, mark my words. It was fantastic, from the bottom to the top”.

BRAVE CF play-by-play commentator Phil Campbell went even further. “This was not only the best fight night in the history of Kazakhstan’s MMA, I would say that this was probably one of the best BRAVE CF events ever. We had knockouts, submissions, a little bit of drama, the biggest upset in the history of the organization, and one of the best fights we’ve ever seen inside the BRAVE CF Arena”, Campbell stated.

Phil Campbell’s partner during the TV broadcast, BRAVE CF color commentator Kirik Jenness couldn’t hide his excitement with what had just occurred. “Kazakhstan is, without, number one. This was the best BRAVE CF fight night ever and, honestly, one of the best MMA events to be ever held”.

“The Roaring Lion” Carlos Kremer, the BRAVE CF cage announcer, emphasized the high level of performances through the entire event. “I don’t remember seeing so many great performances and insane fights on a single night”, he said.

“From the Octagon Fight prelims to the main card we saw some of the most memorable fights in the history of BRAVE CF. And that main event… What Tae Kyun Kim and Nurzhan Akishev did inside the cage was unbelievable”.

BRAVE Combat Federation returns to action on September 25, in Konin, Poland, with BRAVE CF 54. The event will be held in association with the local promoters of Galana Exclusive Championship.


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