BRAVE CF To Strengthen Hold On Europe With First Event In Poland

BRAVE Combat Federation hopes to make a plethora of memories in its first trip to Konin, Poland on September 24, which will serve as both the company’s inaugural event in the country and its eighth trip to Europe.

Since its inception in 2011, BRAVE CF has taken the sport to greater heights, becoming the first organization to hold 53 shows in 23 different countries—eight of which are European nations such as Northern Ireland, England, Sweden, Russia, Slovenia, Romania, Belarus and Italy.

The promotion will be breaking new ground with BRAVE CF 54, widening its footprint in the continent.

“On September 25th, BRAVE CF will have its first event in Poland. We know that Polish fans are one of the biggest fight fans in the world and it will be a pleasure to bring world-class MMA to Poland with a crazy lineup of fights and a world championship title on the line. I am very excited,” BRAVE CF President Mohammed Shahid said.

Olli “The Amazing” Santalahti, a European blue-chip recruit who inked an exclusive multi-bout contract with BRAVE CF earlier this year, is admittedly blown away by its aggressive expansion throughout the continent.

“I can say that BRAVE CF is taking over Europe,” Santalahti declared. “The fighters they are getting are high level. Though they originated from the Middle East, I think they are also the top European organization at the moment.”

Given the Bahrain-based outfit’s exponential growth, there also seems to be no signs of slowing down.

“The company is breaking records and making history towards the new age of MMA. It’s an absolute honor to be a small part of this global vision,” Shahid stated.


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