BRAVE CF’s St. Denis won’t wait for Eldarov, would take on Mineiro, Grabinski, and Saeed “in one night”

Paris, France – Last March, Benoit St. Denis added to his undefeated record as a professional and beat the former BRAVE CF World Champion Luan “Miau” Santiago with a second-round submission, earning the number one contender spot in the Super Lightweight division.

Many others would sit over and wait for the earned title shot but not the “God of War”. Through his social media profiles, he expressed his concerns about activity and tried to lure the Super Lightweight world champion.

“I know Eldar (Eldarov) only fights once a year. I’m not ready to wait for him, I don’t have time. If Eldar is ready, let’s do it. Otherwise, I’ll continue on my way”, St. Denis said.

And by “on his way”, the Frenchman means a path filled with the top contenders around his weight.

“I’d ask BRAVE CF to give me Lucas “Mineiro” Martins, Marcel Grabinski or even Mario Saeed. Give them all to me… in the same evening”, he finished.

Lucas Martins and Marcel Grabinski will fight on June 4th, at BRAVE CF 51, which means that St. Denis is eyeing the winner of the upcoming contest.

With Mario Saeed, on the other hand, the bout would be a rematch of their 2020 encounter, won by St. Denis via TKO in the second round. ”Rudeboy” has recently revealed that he was injured during the pair’s first encounter and vowed to be the first man to beat the undefeated ”God Of War”.


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