Brave Combat Federation releases the Loman’s title defence

Brave Combat Federation released the historic title defence by Stephen Loman against Frans Mlambo. Loman became the youngest champion in Brave Combat Federation to defend his championship at age 23. He is also the only fighter from Philippines to have two straight victories over SBG Ireland. The fight was scheduled for five rounds and the fight went to the judges. This marks the second time both fighters had crossed path and the bout is called as a milestone in the history of MMA in Philippines.

Loman has fought thrice in Brave Combat Federation winning all three times. He captured the championship after knocking out Gurdashan Mangat in Brave 9: The Kingdom Rises. Loman trains at the fabled Team Lakay which also features Crisanto Pitpitunge, Jeremy Pacatiw, Jomar Pa-ac in Brave Combat Federation. At the same time, the main event was noted for the absence of thrash talks or show off of aggression prior to the bout.

Mlambo who faced Loman is the 2015 IMMAF Gold Medalist. He is also the first vegan fighter to secure a gold medal in the World Championships and the first to achieve a title fight opportunity in the Bantamweight division of Brave Combat Federation.


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