BRAVE NEWS #34: Injuries force changes in Brave 10; Mlambo and Bear comment upcoming fights

Brave News, the online show that keeps fans updated on everything related to the promotion, comes back this week with updates from the organization’s upcoming card. Brave 10: The Kingdom Rises is set for March 2nd, on Jordan, with Featherweight champion Elias Boudegzdame defending his world title against Poland’s Jakub Kowalewicz in the main event.

But the injury bug has hit the card, with Brazil’s Michael Deiga-Scheck and USA’s Tyler Hill forced to withdraw. Brave officials confirmed Finland’s Abdul Hussein and USA’s Sidney Wheeler, respectively, to replace them. A veteran of IMMAF and world champion at the amateur level, Hussein will face Nawras Abzakh, while the “All-American Kid” Wheeler will meet Poland’s Pawel Kielek.

The signing of Wheeler and Hussein also set a huge milestone for Brave Combat Federation. The promotion has completed the remarkable number of 150 athletes signed so far, with nothing less than 32 different nationalities represented inside the cage.

Meanwhile, Brave 10 tickets are now available for the audience and there’s great news for the Jordanian fans: a special 50% discount to kick-off the sales. Go to or check the link in the description for more information.

Scheduled to face Felipe Efrain in a Bantamweight title eliminator bout, Frans Mlambo talked about his present and his future with the promotion. Mlambo praised Bantamweight kingpin Stephen Loman, who he described as “a worthy champion because he already beat the Black Mamba”. In addition, Mlambo projected a very exciting fight against Efrain, due to their matching striking skills. You can catch up Frans’s full interview here.

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Last but not least, France’s David Bear shared his thoughts on the upcoming fight against the Jordanian Lion Jarrah Al Silawi in his hometown. According to Bear, Jarrah is a great fighter but inside the cage, it’s just the two of them, so the crowd won’t make any difference.

“I don’t feel any pressure on fighting in my opponent’s backyard”, he sentenced.

Jarrah struck back and used a wordplay to respond the French Welterweight. The Jordanian Lion posted a picture of a Bear being bitten by a Lion and stated that this was a preview of what’s going to happen on March 2nd.

Brave News #34:

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