Brendan Shcaub on UFC departure

Wednesday October 14, 2015– Schaub shedding some light on stepping away from UFC on his Fighter and the kid podcast.

When commenting on treatment by the UFC, although he’s sure to say he’s thankful and forever grateful,  it’s clear there’s more left out of the conversation. Referencing his fight against Lavar Johnson. ” I knew he was on certain supplements that I wasn’t on, and no one cared.” ️Schaub continues to give his game plan to avoid a KO, and take Johnson down. “And when that didn’t go the way people wanted, I took some heat”. – insinuating that the powers that be wanted a stand up ️war and were not happy that they didn’t  get one.

Brendan went even on to say he will miss the “behind the scenes” of the UFC, but not Joe Silva or Dana White. Mentioning he felt like a product around them and not a person. Comparing the UFC to a circus and the fighters as elephants. “That circus will continue but the elephants get left behind”.

He then unleashed some insight into where he sees the UFC heading. According to ️the fighter  he for sees more decisions and less ko/Tko in the future. Why? Due to the structure of the Reebok pay out scale.  Fighters will want to play it safe and get the win a smarter way to advance up the pay scale. Risking a loss will derail any forward motion toward more money from the highly controversial sponsorship.

One other moment fans of the sport can appreciate would be ️️Schaub suggesting he probably sells more “big brown t-shirts than all fight kits combined.” Whether you’re a fan of his or not, I think we can all agree this could be correct.  Due to the out powering of ️hate toward the deal and the apparel from fans world-wide.

There are many interesting and emotional moments in the BIG BROWN FAREWELL TO THE UFC podcast. Including a few moments where Brendan gets choked up talking about how important a good team is. As well as the fear and loneliness he’s felt throughout his career. Check it out!!

Big Brown’s UFC farewell:

By: Korey Lane

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