Brennan Ward talks to FightBookMMA about RIZIN in Japan

Thursday December 17, 2015– We are less than 15 days out from Fedors highly anticipated return to MMA. Added to the card is the always explosive Brennan Ward to fight Ken Hasegawa at 185 lbs. Coming off an impressive KO of Dennis “The Menace” Olson at Bellator 144, it’s a quick turn around for Ward.  Brennan was nice enough to give me a few minutes of his time to let FightbookMMA readers know he’s ready.

On how his camp is going and the quick turn around:

“Good. Happy to be able to eat more normally don’t have to sweat the cut to 170. Feeling good though. Had  Grapple at the Garden late last December, Fights  in Feb July October Grapple again in Nov and now this so I have had really fast turn arounds. I like staying active.”

Normally fighting at 170 and a top contender for the  division the step up is a nice break but don’t expect to see him there to often.

“I could see it once in a while if they needed me to fill in but not with any regularity. I’m in line, if not at the front, deep in the mix, for a title shot at 170.  That’s where I belong. Did the 185 for a long time because I didn’t want to cut. At this level the guys are huge. I walk around 185-190ish. These guys come from 220 plus. As a professional in the highest level, welterweight is where my future is.”

On getting to 170 safely and staying in fight shape:

“I’ve been wrestling forever. Been cutting weight forever. This year has been a learning experience to get to 170 but i made it, like a professional all three times. Won all three times. I never get out of shape. Making weight is basically your whole job. The fight is the fight. Literally anything can happen out there. You can only control so much. But your weight. That’s in your hands.”

So how does being added to the NYE card feel?

“It’s a good opportunity to be on this card. Its going to have a lot of eyes world-wide on it with the return of Fedor. They knew who to call to make the card exciting so it’s a compliment to be on the card. Been wanting to get some fights on the road for a while now, and Japan is about as far from home as it gets”

When do you leave for Japan and when in Japan other than getting a win, what do you plan on doing?

“Day after Christmas. I’ve never been out of the country before so no matter what I do it will be interesting.”

Seeing that Ward surfs and skates in his free time I had to ask. Is there surfing in Japan? taking the skateboard?

“Hahaha if it’s there to be done, believe I shall do it.”

With that being said I’m predicting that he will get a first round KO and then enjoy his victory out on the town! However can’t discredit his wrestling and sub skills. This looks to be an action packed fight make sure to tune in!

You can follow Brennan on Facebook  And on Twitter.

By: Korey Lane



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