California’s Andre Ewell goes for gold at CES 50: “It’ll be a knockout!”

Andre Ewell makes his CES debut on June 15 in Lincoln, R.I., taking on Dinis Paiva for the vacant Bantamweight Championship in the main event of CES 50, LIVE on AXS TV Fights. Before that, the top California prospect checked in with FightbookMMA.

How did you find MMA in the first place?

I started through boxing and when I was young, my pops broke it down to me, saying, “hey, you’re light-skinned, you’ve gotta learn how to fight.” Every time we moved, I always managed to find a bully or the bully always found me. That shot me into the direction of combat sports.

How did your MMA career come together?

I had a strong base in everything and I was a fast learner. I was in a home court situation with my son’s mother and I had to figure out something that would make me famous. I don’t know if you know how that works over here, but they weren’t looking at who I was – they looked at me for what I was doing in my life. At the time, they looked at me like I was just a normal person. So, it was that desire to be with my son that pushed me to MMA.

How excited are you to fight for the CES championship?

I’m very excited. It gets me closer to where I need to go. They give the best competition and I’m happy to do it. I have accepted that fight. It makes me super happy. I’m super excited. Especially since it’s for a belt. It’s on the East coast, so expanding my fanbase to the East is even better for me. It’s just like doubling up.

Do you know much about Dinis Paiva?

What I do know is that at times he likes to bang but what I’m hearing is that he’s a wrestler. So, it comes down to that. There isn’t much tape of his recent fights, so I can’t train like that. So, he’s going to have to adjust to me and that’s about it.

Do you think he’s ever fought anyone like you?

No, he definitely hasn’t. Everyone thinks they’re prepared and can stand up to what they know. But in reality, you come up to, it’s a different story. Just ask the last two opponents I’ve had. They prepared for me, they knew I was coming down and when they got in there, it was a different person. You know a shark when there’s a shark. You don’t get in the pool with a shark. I’m a White Shark, “how you doing?”

How do you see this fight going?

It’ll be settled in the first round. You and me have an understanding of how this fight’s going to go and it’s going to be a knockout.


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