Canada’s Travelling Heavyweight Contender Sets Up Shop In Dubai

Before Tanner “The Bulldozer” Boser returns to the ACB MMA cage for fourth time this weekend in Dubai, the Canadian heavyweight contender checked in with FightBookMMA.

Did you ever think you’d be fighting in Dubai?

It depends on how recently you’d have asked me. It could have been a thing any time in the last couple of years, but when I started fighting I never would have thought I’d be fighting in Dubai. But, the last couple of years I definitely thought it could be a possibility.

Is travelling part of the sport that interests you or is that just business to you?

It’s a cool perk. I like travelling and seeing parts of the world I may not otherwise see. That’s a benefit of fighting with ACB. I get to go all over the place.

So, is that four different countries in your fights for them so far?

This is my fourth fight with them but one of them was in Montreal. I’d never been to Montreal, so it was still really cool. The others were in St. Petersburg, Russia and Manchester, England. So, with Dubai it’ll be four different countries over four fights.

How important was that last victory for you?

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I think it was really important. I had to win that last one, otherwise I wouldn’t have been re-signed. I got re-signed coming off of a highlight reel knockout, so it was a very important fight.

Aside from consistent, tough fights and the opportunity to travel, what does ACB offer?

Well, they treat you well and they pay you well. I get to go to cool places and fight guys that are ranked worldwide. This guy, Lindermann, is just outside the top 100 on Fight Matrix, so that’s still a high ranking. In my last few fights I’ve fought Smolderev, who’s top 50, Makeyev, who’s in the 20s – I’m fighting some of the top guys in the world. ACB has a stacked division.

What does DJ bring to the table?

Power. He’s a power puncher. He’s got deceptively good cardio and he comes hard the entire time. He’s durable as hell – he can take a lot of punishment. DJ’s a tough out for anybody, I think. Look at the fight against Miniukov, he was able to get him out on his feet and he was saved by the bell. Miniukov is undefeated, he’s 21-0. DJ can hurt anybody if he catches them. You’ve got to be weary of the power in his hands.

Are you planning to stick around Dubai or come straight home after?

I plan on staying for a few days. It’s going to be pretty fun.

What’s on the schedule?

I don’t plan shit, man. I just let it happen.

How does it feel to represent Alberta and Canada to such a distant audience?

I take pride in it. I know there are a few Canadians fighting internationally. But I think that it’s awesome and I’m happy to do it. I like being a Canadian fighting abroad.

How’s the food in Dubai?

It’s good, man. I’m pretty omnivorous. I’m a heavyweight, I eat whatever. I recognize a lot of chains here. There are a lot more western restaurants here than I would have thought.

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