Canelo Feels Catch-Weight of 155 Will Be His Advantage

Tuesday September 1, 2015– WBC middleweight Champ Miguel Angel Cotto won the bout against Daniel Geale in the 4th round on June 6th. Now every punter on free betting forums, as well as other forums, is pointing towards the Cotto Vs. Saul Canelo Alvarez bout.

On free bets, forums speculations are nigh as punters debate between Canelo and Cotto, who deserves to be at the “A” side of the match. Speculations also touch on who should receive the highest amount of payment between Cotto and Canelo.

The Canelo and Cotto match has features transpiring beyond boxing and the possible winner of the bout. Punters are basing facts backing up the players such as the fact that Canelo Alvarez is not ranked anywhere in WBC middle rankings but is facing Cotto, who is the current WBC Champion.

Fact Two

The divisional weight limit of a hundred and sixty pounds is an enormous factor that both teams backing the boxers ought to put into consideration. In many interviews, Puerto Rican man Cotto has been captured stating that he is only going to defend his WBC title under catch-weight terms.

The sentiments from the current champ stem from his fight against Sergio Martinez in 2014. The funds that each boxer will be paid will also take center stage during the negotiations.

The Mexican Canelo together with his team believes in gaining a better pay than the Puerto Rican when it comes to advertising and sales. On the other hand, Cotto’s team is in the belief that only his name and his legacy is the most important promotional part, and he should be the one raking in more money!

What Is Likely To Transpire During the Fight

Punters that have followed the separate careers of the two boxers have had a heated discussion and opinion poll doing rounds in free betting forums.

They are speculating the likely outcome of the fight: several factors are put into consideration such as, whether spectators like it or not, the match will likely go the distance. The fight’s venue will also decide the way an eventual decision might go on the cards.

Both boxers are good at the game, and Canelo delivered a knockout when he fought Kirkland in just three rounds. Cotto in the fourth round made mincemeat of Geale in a superb fashion. When it comes to quality, punters are in agreement that Cotto holds a slight advantage over Canelo.

In free bets platforms, several punters compared Cotto to Geale and the conclusion was that the former is better technically equipped than the latter adding to his experience fighting in world titles. On the other side of the divide; Mexican fighter Canelo has a super strength that supersedes Cotto’s technique.

Generally; should the match take place beneath the maximum 160 pounds weight, punters will be forced to be cautious with the weight limit. They will have to come up with sober conclusions if they want to make an excellent prediction.


Given the variation in weight, it is difficult for any punter to define who precisely will win the bout. Both the Puerto Rican and the Mexican believe that they ought to fight in different divisions. Cotto’s division is 154 pounds and below while Canelo’s division is 160 pounds and above.

As spectators, it’s only natural that we assume the weight limit will be the determiner of the possible outcome. The match will be a good one to watch; however, a close one as an experienced and highly skilled fighter will face off a stronger and a more aggressive opponent!

This article is courtesy of Tony Samboras. Tony is a sports writer with a passion for boxing. During his career Tony has writen by for many online publications. He writes for a major Australian free bets website.

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