Carlos Kremer takes home “FightBook MMA’s #1 Cage Announcer in the World” Award for the 4th consecutive year

RIO RANCHO, NM: The Roaring Lion Carlos Kremer takes home “FightBook MMA’s #1 Cage Announcer in the World” Award for 2020! This is the fourth year (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020) in a row that Kremer, a former highly decorated US Marine Corps Captain with two Navy Achievement Medals for Honor and Valor, has won FightBook MMA’s coveted award. Kremer, who WOWS audiences all over the world with his Intensity, Delivery, and Performance as the Voice of BRAVE COMBAT FEDERATION is one of a kind MC that is considered a show within a show. His years in the business, magnetic personality combined with his true care for the future of MMA makes Kremer very unique in our sport.

It’s very rare that an announcer is as popular or more popular than the Fighters but with this man, that is the case. Countless fans want to take pictures, chat and be with the Legend, and Kremer takes the time and effort to tirelessly meet every single person. Not only does he perform each night at the absolute highest level, but Kremer bonds with every country he visits and truly also acts as a Peace Ambassador for BRAVE CF, the fastest growing Global MMA Promotion in the world. “The Roaring Lion” is now considered one of the best MC’s in not only Sports but the entire Entertainment industry today.

President of BRAVE CF, Mohammed Shahid stated to FightBook MMA about this award: “FightBook MMA award for me is very special because of the they are one of the few MMA media out there that looks at global MMA and delivers true journalism. This special award is to everyone involved with BRAVE CF from day 1, everyone who was and is and will be part of the vision to reform the MMA industry. To make MMA from an event business to a sports business. To globalized this sport and create a platform where any fighter with a dream and talent have a sports structure that can take them to top regardless of race , creed, color, nationality or marketability. This award is a very special to the BRAVE nation because it’s a recognition of that vision of His Highness Shaikh Khalid Bin Hamad. So thank you FightBook MMA, we are here to change the game.”

World-renowned Cage announcer Carlos Kremer states: “I’m so ecstatic and honored to receive the coveted Worlds Number 1 Cage Announcer Award from FightBook MMA, one of the planets leading Combat Sports Journalists for the 4th year in a row. With so many talented Cage announcers across the globe, it means so much to me to be recognized as the best for my work in mixed martial arts with the Monstrous Brave Combat Federation. It still is surreal to me that I am recognized now as not only the top Cage Announcer on the planet but now one of the elite MC’s in the world of sports and entertainment. This has been like one giant dream and frankly, I don’t want to ever wake up. I am so grateful and humbled to be in this position accepting this prestigious award from FightBook MMA, a company that I greatly respect that is doing so much for not only MMA but for all of Combat Sports. First of all, I want to thank my beautiful wife Teca for her undying support to make this all possible. She’s a legitimate Star in her own right and for her to selflessly support my career which involves traveling over 200,000 miles per year just shows how truly amazing she really is. She and our kids London and Crimson inspire and motivate me to no end and I’m so glad to show them what hard work, integrity, focus, and passion can produce in this life. I’ve been thru so much on this journey and there have been some extreme challenges like a widowmaker heart attack, multiple surgeries, and having a beautiful blind and autistic daughter that makes it extra hard to be away. But my families undying support makes this incredible recognition while traveling the world with some of my greatest friends like Kirik, Phil, Dec, Faith, Gustavo, Valeria, Mr Shahid, and Mr Mansoor, Jerrin, Jess, Gar, Rebin, Hadi, Aaron, Joao, and countless others make it all worth it. I’d like to thank our amazing leader His Royal Highness Sheik Khalid Bin Hamad Al KHALIFA, for the vision and support of Brave who along with Brave CF President “The Hawk“ Mohammed Shahid have believed in me from day one and have given me the freedom to devour the microphone with intensity and electrify and entertain the crowd like they are at a spectacular show, one our fans will never forget and give the fighters the introduction they absolutely deserve. This Sport is all about our warriors and the extreme sacrifices they have made and my bond and love for them is endless. Thank you to all my friends around the world, we did it again for the fourth time and this Award is for all of us to enjoy because I really feel you, your energy, and your Love every time I Roar in the BRAVE Combat Federation Cage🙏

Carlos Kremer-President Kremer Insurance and the Farmers Insurance Group
Captain USMC- recipient of two Navy Achievement Medals for Honor and Valor
Number 1 Cage Announcer in The World-BRAVE COMBAT FEDERATION 2017, 18, 19, & 2020 by FightBook MMA
Writer/Reporter Military Press
Host of “Roaring Lion Radio”


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