CBD Helps In Relieving Pain: Story Behind It

A vast majority depends on CBD to relieve pain. Understanding Cannabidiol can help reduce the stigma related to it. Oil derived from cannabis plants is called cannabidiol oil. It is convenient to get relief from sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and pain. There are many limitations to the research and use of cannabis. Due to this factor, there is a lack of evidence to state all the benefits provided by Cannabidiol oil. Cannabis is slowly becoming legalized in a lot of regions. Research regarding it is also gathering momentum and showing some promising results. Continue reading this article further to find out more about Cbd oil tincture and how it is beneficial to get relief from pain.

What is CBD?

Various products of the cannabis plants like marijuana and hemp contain chemical compounds at different levels. How the plant is bred affects the product’s Cannabidiol levels. The CBD oil and CBD gummies we use comes from industrial hemp, which contains a higher amount of Cannabidiol than marijuana. There are several methods of extracting the compound from the plant.

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After extracting the compound, it combines with coconut or hemp seed oil, and we know the final product as CBD oil. Different products come with various concentrations of Cannabidiol and come in handy in distinct ways. THC is the most psychoactive product of the cannabis plant. It was the most well-known compound until recently. THC can give you a high feeling when you intake it. A CBD-infused product does not have any psychoactive effects on the body. However, it has many medical benefits, such as it may promote the increment of anandamide in the body, which helps in regulating pain.

CBD for Physical Pain

Cannabidiol plays a significant role in controlling physical pain of several types.


A study in the European Journal of Pain in 2016 examined the efficiency of CBD in alleviating pain associated with arthritis in an animal model to test whether people with arthritis could benefit from it. Some topical gels consisting of CBD were applied to rats with arthritis for four days. Inflammation and pain indicators decreased by significant amounts without any additional side effects.

Chronic pain

Many studies support the idea of Cannabidiol being an effective compound for treating chronic pain. CBD can reduce pain and inflammation significantly. Research suggests that consumers are not likely to build up a tolerance to the effects. Thus the need to increase their dose would not occur. These results show that Cannabidiol offers many benefits for those suffering from chronic pain.

Multiple sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) refers to a disorder of the nervous system which can cause the entire body to deteriorate. The most well-known symptom of this condition is muscle spasms, which can cause constant pain in the patient’s body. Some reports and experienced users also suggest that small doses of CBD may lessen muscle spasms.

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Neuropathic pain

It refers to the pain caused by damaged nerves. This kind of pain originates from injuries like herniated discs, infections like shingles, and diseases like multiple sclerosis. According to a 2017 review, CBD can help with chronic neuropathic pain.

CBD for Psychological Pain

Recent studies show that Cannabidiol can alter serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin refers to a neurotransmitter responsible for regulating our emotions. SSRI(Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors) are antidepressants that work in the same way (altering serotonin levels in the brain) as Cannabidiol. It has benefits that may help alleviate depression. However, it may cause side effects and interfere with the other medications.


CBD is not under the regulation of the FDA. It means there is no guideline for the dosages. You are free to determine your dosage, but doing so without caution can cause serious problems. We suggest you talk to a doctor to know how much will be beneficial or safe.

Things to Consider

There is minimal knowledge about the effects of Cannabidiol on the developing brain of a child. People should also avoid taking Cannabidiol while breastfeeding or in pregnancy. Taking Cannabidiol with high-fat meals can significantly increase CBD concentration in the blood, which increases the risk of side effects.


However it still needs approval by the Food and Drug Administration for pain relief, CBD is a great option for pain relief. More long-term studies involving humans are necessary for more knowledge about how it helps in pain relief. There is some anecdotal and scientific evidence that shows that Cannabidiol has promising effects when it comes to chronic pain. Moreover , Now you must be clear about “how to use cbd oil” The potential benefits of CBD oil are particularly appealing since it has no intoxicating effects and a lessened risk of side effects than other pain medications. You should always discuss with your doctor the dosage and the methods of taking CBD before you start consuming it.


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