This last Saturday (11/12) the fourteenth edition of CENTRO OESTE FIGHT took place in Brasília. Ex – UFC Carlo Pranter gave a show of fighting technique to the audience that was present at the event, submitting the Argentine Cesar Benitez with a hand triangle in the first round, after having applied a takedown.

Main Fight and Title Fight:

The main dispute of the night was a Brazil versus Argentina duel, between the athletes Argemiro Delmandes (Brazil) and Roberto Benitez (Argentina), in the dispute for the belt in the under 77kg category.

A fight where Argemiro Delmandes won the fight, when he applied a nice knockout at 54 seconds of the first round, thus keeping the organization’s belt.

Interim Belt Bout

Igor Taylon and Edimaron Santos provided a good fight during the three rounds, but Igor took the score from the side judges, won the fight by unanimous decision, and thus became the holder of the interim title of the CENTRO OESTE FIGHT division.

Former Fight Show Contender

Marcos Conrado Jr. from Goiás, who participated in Dana White’s Contender Series Brazil, defeated Rio de Janeiro native Tiago “Urso” with an American key in the first round.


  • Title Bout: 77kg – Argemiro Delmandes defeated Roberto Benitez by knockout (punch) at 54 seconds of 1R
  • Interim Title Bout :57kg – Igor Taylon defeated Edimaron Santos by unanimous decision
  • 77kg – Carlo Prater defeated Cesar Benitez via submission (hand triangle) at 01:11 of 1R
  • 93kg – Marcos Conrado Jr. defeated Tiago Urso by submission (American key) at 02:16 of the 1R
  • 77kg – Alexander Mikael defeated João Pedro Alves by unanimous decision
  • 66kg – Cassio Barão defeated Pablo Santos by submission (rear-naked choke) at 02:55 of the 1R
  • 77kg – João Eduardo Silva defeated Vitor Rafael Alves by unanimous decision
  • 61kg – Tarcísio Romano by Jocelio Lira by unanimous decision
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