CEO of SlapFIGHT Championship JT Tilley talks to FightBook MMA

Branson, Missouri: Get to know the REAL SlapFIGHT Championship promotion. FightBook MMA had the chance to talk to JT Tilley CEO of SlapFIGHT Championship.

JT Tilley tells FightBook MMA that SlapFIGHT Championship started back in 2018 doing several big LIVE shows. They stopped doing live events when the pandemic hit, and started filming. His primary goal with SlapFIGHT Championship was to help regulate and develop the sport of Slapping so it can be treated and respected as a real sporting event. They were the first company to instill four weight classes which include: Middleweight, Light Heavyweight, Heavyweight and Super Heavyweight. They’re also the first organization to develop a rule set, which has been mimicked all over the world. They also coined the term Slap Fighting, which is now a recognized term for the sport worldwide.

When asked about the rules, JT Tilley said: “The rules are simple, No stepping, No flinching, and No Clubbing. We have a line judge who watches the contestant’s feet, making sure they don’t step when striking or pivot their feet. If one of the athletes violates one of the rules, he or she is first given a warning, and if there is a second infraction, they will lose a turn.”

SlapFIGHT Championship has done a total of 10 events over the past three years and has been recognized as the top slap fighting promotion in America, and one of the top promotions worldwide.

When asked what separates them form the “Other” promotions JT Tilley said: “One thing our company knows what to do is developed talent. We’ve been in the Mixed Aartial Arts, Kickboxing, Combat, and Jiu-Jitsu business for the past 15 to 20 years. We also know how to build promotions from the ground up and keep them organized.” JT Tilley continues, “Our mission is to foster the sport and help it grow until it can be regulated, sanctioned, and treated with the respect of other sports. On YouTube and social media, we have received over 125 million views.”

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Their light heavyweight champion, ‘Wolverine’ is currently the top-ranked Slap Fighter in the USA. JT did tell FightBook MMA that they have no interest in competing with foreign countries to see who is the best because they are still developing the sport in the United States. Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe, where the sport is also doing well, they have no weight classes, so it is a very dangerous sport. These champions are widely acknowledged as the “American SlapFIGHT Champions” all over the world.

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