CFC 7 fighter Saigh Mullins is ready to take on Tim Johnson

MMA Vet Jonathan Ivey is back at it again as he will be hosting Cage Fighting Championships (CFC) 7. This event is taking place on October 12th in Murfreesboro Tennessee. We will see a stacked card including 4 CFC title fights. Advertisement

FightBook MMA had the opportunity to sit down and talk to Saigh Mullins. He trains in Clarksville Tennessee at the Harris Holt Martial Arts Academy under the tutelage of Lance Boyd and Jacob Kilburn. Mullins has a stable of fighters to train with every day at Harris Holt including CFC featherweight champion Alexander Schenk and CFC Bantamweight champion Isaac Morris. Mullins fights Tim Johnson on October 12th at the big CFC 7 event in Murfreesboro Tennessee. Check out the conversation he had with FightBook MMA below.

Saigh your making your debut in the CFC on October 12th, your taking on Tim Johnson who is very experienced having fought on every CFC card to date. How do you feel like you will be able to overcome the experience gap between you and Johnson?

To put it into words, I guess by punching and kicking him than he does me.

Your making your debut but your reputation proceeds you, you have the reputation as a good amateur wrestler. Can you give us a idea of some of the things you’ve done or accomplished in amateur wrestling?
I made a family.
Training at Harris Holt Martial Arts Academy with the people that you get to train with on a daily basis we know that you’ve added skills other than just amateur wrestling to your fighting repertoire. What other skill sets have you been working on?
Nothing really, just working on wearing actual clothes for competition. No more singlets. So I think I can call that a skill.
Saigh how do you see the fight with Tim Johnson going on October 12th, give us the way you see the fight playing out?
A lot of punches
Do you have anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to for this fight Saigh? And good luck to you at CFC 7 for your debut into the sport of MMA!
To my family, I just want to say thank you.


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