Changes Made to Bellator 124 Card

(Photo Courtesy of Bellator)

By: Tim Mutohfan

The September 12th Bellator MMA 124 event from Plymouth, Michigan has a last minute fight change.

John Schulz has been removed from his scheduled bout with Ryan Couture citing “medical issues”, and has been replaced with Michigan native Tom Bagnasco.

No word was given what exactly “medical issues” entails; one can assume it’s nothing small for the 5-2 Schulz to pass up an opportunity to fight someone with the last name “Couture” on a televised fight card. His missed opportunity is a golden one for Tom Bagnasco. Last minute calls for a fill in role aren’t uncommon in MMA, that call came and it was for a lightweight fight for the 6’ featherweight Bagnasco.

Bellator 124 (Main Card)

Light Heavyweight Title Fight: Emanuel Newton (Champion) vs. Joey Beltran (Challenger)

Light Heavyweight Tournament Final: Kelly Anundson vs. Lima McGeary

Bantamweight: Zeilton Rodrigues vs. L.C. Davis

Lightweight: Ryan Couture vs. Tom Bagnasco


Featherweight: Justin Jaynes vs. Reuben Baraiac

Flyweight: Cortez Phelia vs. Eric Ramirez

Middleweight: Ben Reiter vs. Shamir Garcia

Lightweight: Tony Hervey vs. Jason Fischer

Heavyweight: Adrian Henderson vs. Leroy Johnson

Bantamweight: Mike Hernandez vs. Thomas Vasquez

Welterweight: Sabah Homasi vs. Eric Moon

Lightweight: Mike Hamida vs. Adrian Hadribeaj

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