Chase Boutwell’s prediction for Valor 48? “A finish.”

Nashville (Fri, March 2, 2018)–  Before top American amateur prospect Chase Boutwell defends his Valor Fights bantamweight championship at Valor 48 on March 31 in Nashville, LIVE on FloCombat, the fast-rising contender sat down with FightBookMMA.

How would you describe your 2017?

It’s been busy, but I’ve enjoyed it. I’d say it’s been about 50/50 work and pleasure.

What was the highlight of your year?

I’d say it was winning the Valor Fights 135 belt. I think that was the most fluid my striking has been on my feet in any of my fights.

What does that championship mean to you?

More than anything, it represents what I’ve been working for. More than the belt itself, realizing that if you want something, you visualize, and work hard to achieve it – anything is possible. The belt represents what I want in the long run.

How will it feel to defend your belt?

A lot of people talk about that – being on top and staying on top. They say every fight defending the belt is harder than the fight before it. I go in there to make a highlight every fight. That’s my goal every fight – do something cool or get a finish and look back on it. The belt, itself, doesn’t make a difference. The belt just represents my hard work. The hard work is the same every fight.

How much longer do you want to fight as an amateur, when would you want to make your pro debut?

I have no set date I’m looking for. I know I want it to be soon, I’m not going to stay amateur for more than two years. I want to wait til I’ve got a couple more finishes as an amateur before I turn pro. I think a lot of people go pro too early, like they’re in a rush. You know me, whether it’s pro or amateur, I enjoy doing both and it makes no difference to me.

There’s been no temptation to jump the gun and try professional fighting, even if it isn’t the best for yourself?

No, man. I know I could go out there and fight some low-level pros and look really good, but I have a lot of respect for the guys who work hard and are at that pro level and I see I’m not there yet. There’s no anxiousness to turn pro, I’m eager, but I’m not in a hurry at all.

What should fans expect March 31?

A finish. Whether it’s on the ground or on my feet, I’ve changed the way I train and what I do mentally.

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