Chop Sports Network

Chop Sports started off as an interactive social media group with a few hundred members to get back to doing what we as sports fans love to do and that’s talk sports!

Owned by Chris Gueci and Dave Sturchio, Chop Sports quickly became an LLC and a small business out of Matawan, NJ to not only interact and grow this social media group but create a podcast to “chop up” all of the major sports including both guys having a strong passion for mixed martial arts.

In just a few weeks, Gueci and Sturchio created the “Chop Sports Podcast Network” in order to acquire other podcasts to promote and expand within their community. Now, with the addition of seasoned actor Jimmy Palumbo, Chop Sports will be expanding its reach even further into the world of comedy and entertainment.

In the coming months also establishing a community softball team, bowling team, host charity golf outings and sporting tailgates, Chop Sports is the next big thing in sports media and creating personalities across multiple platforms.

FightBook MMA and Chop Sports partnered up to create their new podcast called Chop Heads An MMA Podcast hosted by Chris Geuci and Tommy Dee. Stay tuned to FightBook MMA for all the new episodes.

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