Chris Weidman: Keys to Victory


Friday May 22ns, 2015– The current UFC Middleweight Champion has an opportunity to silence critics that believe he is not a worthy champion. Chris Weidmen shocked the world when he beat the greatest MMA fighter of all time by knock out at UFC 167 to become the champion. But there are MMA fans out there that believe Anderson Silva lost the fight more so than Weidman won the fight. But nevertheless, the current champion has successfully defended the title twice against two of the best Brazilians in the division. And now, after 18 months of waiting, MMA fans will get to see Weidman defend his title against the hardest hitting Brazilian in the division as he steps into the octagon with Victor Belfort at UFC 187.

There are several things that Weidman will have to do to have Bruce Buffer say “And Still!” at the end of the co-main event. For starters, the explosive power of Vitor Belfort will have to be respected. Weidman has to keep Belfort moving backwards and keep pressure on him the same way he did against Layoto Machida. But the strongest weapon in the champions arsenal is without a doubt his wrestling, and he will need it if his opponent pushes forward. It is Weidman’s wrestling background that will help him defend takedowns and carry him through the championship rounds. If Weidman can defend the head kicks and powerful right hand of the Blackzillian team member, he can expect to go three-for-three and for a change, look forward to a title defense against an American.

By: Alex Barrientos (MMA_Fan)

(Photo Credit: Josh Hedges/ UFC/ ZUFFA)
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