Monday February 2, 2015– Last week we once again got the bad news that yet another injury would force out Champion Chris Weidman from fighting Vitor Belfort. This is the 3rd time this match has been rescheduled due to injuries and it was also pulled from their proposed title fight at UFC 173 because of Belfort’s testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) after it was banned from the sport. On the MMA hour Weidman reveled that he fractured cartilage in his rib during wrestling practice in turn we now know that he is now expected to be out six to eight weeks. After the news broke of the cancellation of this fight UFC president Dana White then offered Vitor Belfort a shot at the interim belt against Lyoto Machida, but Vitor quickly turned it down. Weidman then heard of Belfort’s statement yesterday on his Facebook fan page (To read Vitor’s statement click here) Weidman wasted no time speaking out on the whole situation on the MMA hour.

“I got depressed for a couple of days. It’s kind of coming out of it now, it’s just really tough. I fought through so many injuries. I fought with them every time. There’s always nagging injuries, but I’ve fought through significant injuries that most guys would have not. I would have been more than willing to do something like that for this fight if it was to come up. But this was just something that I couldn’t do. It just sucks because Vitor is such a great matchup for me. I just heard you say that he wanted to fight Mark Munoz, this guys is a mental midget. I would go in there with anything, I just need to be able to move a little bit. It just sucks real bad.”

“I went from feeling bad for him to getting pissed off. I’m just like, ‘are are you kidding me?’ It’s just a lot of ignorant things to say and he’s leaving out a lot of information. I don’t like to take jabs at people all the time, other fighters, I have a lot of respect for them. I watched a lot of tape leading up to this fight and I have respect for him, I think he’s a good fighter and it would be a good test; but, when he starts talking like I pulled out three times, it just doesn’t make sense.”
So once again fans will have to wait to see this fight and in the mean time Ronda Rousey vs. Cat Zangino will take over as the main event at UFC 184 that is set to take place at The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California on Feb,28th.

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