Christopher Baugh Mentions TFS 150 Belt, Then SHOT’S FIRED By Champ Levi Breese

Christopher Baugh (2-1) frustrated from his opponent backing out last minute, recently spoke of the TFS 150lb belt on social media resulting in a fierce response from the Champion Breeze.

Baugh: Well, unfortunately, this was the closest I would get to Putting my hands on Alex Hunt, as he bailed out right before the fight last night. I’m taking hands wrapped, ready to go, and he decided as I was told…and I quote “I don’t feel good about this one” (Baugh explains Hunts words via 3rd party)

Baugh: “You are 2-0 both by submission. Come on man.” 

Baugh goes on to thank his team/gym, supporters, fans and his sponsor ending with…

Baugh: “I know The Fight Series 150lb belt would look real nice around my waist…just thinking.”

Breeze: “If you get game opponents you don’t have to worry about that (Backing out last minute). You know where that belt is, and how to attempt to get it. Just sayin, I mean might as well get the MMA belt as well (tags The Warrior Academy)”   

Breeze’s coach LFA veteran Nate Williams chimes in to say “Let’s gooooooo” (in the comment section)

Baugh: “Levi Breeze my man 🙂 I very intentionally kept your name out of my mouth on this, just respectfully mentioned your belt. Also because nobody knows who the F**k you are. Shots fired now I guess. I know words are hard but to be clear, I don’t have the MMA belt. It’s comfortably relaxing at DMMA around Micheal Boylan’s waist, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. As for you and your Fight Series belt, give me a date and I will happily take that strap off your shoulder and add it to the collection of belts stacking up at Porcelli’s Training Center! See Ya soon Boy!”

Levi Breeze: “Christopher Baugh HAHAHA your coach knows who the fuck I am. I guess you will know who I am soon! I know you don’t have the MMA belt. I was saying I might as well take the MMA 145 belt as well, to go with my kickboxing belt haha. See you soon my man. The Warrior Academy will set it up through Brian.”