Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz hosted their final press conference today

LOS ANGELES– Chuck Liddell (30-8) and Tito Ortiz (19-12-1) hosted their final press conference today at the “Fabulous” Forum ahead of their three-round main event, which will take place on Saturday, Nov. 24 at the aforementioned Forum in Inglewood, California. The fight will be presented live on Pay-Per-View beginning at 6:00 p.m. PT/9:00 p.m. ET.

Light heavyweight contenders Deron Winn (4-0) of Liberty City, Mo. and Tom Lawlor (10-6) of River Falls, Mass. also participated in the press conference ahead of their three-round co-main attraction.

Below is what today’s participants had to say at the event:

Chuck Liddell, UFC Hall of Famer and Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion:

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“You think I’m worried about you, Tito? You think that works when you play mind games with me? It’s going to be a lot of fun. Make sure you watch the fight. Don’t leave. It’s going to end quick. I’m putting him out. I’m putting this guy to sleep.”

Tito Ortiz, UFC Hall of Famer and Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion

“I’m very thankful for Oscar for putting this fight together. Thanks to Chuck for accepting the fight. I’m really thankful for Dave Thomas. He’s been a friend of mine for twenty-five years. Thank you for putting this fight together with Chuck. I’ve known what he’s been doing for the last two and a half months. How he hasn’t been sparring. The guys he’s been wrestling with. Everything. So, jokes on you.”

Deron Winn, Light Heavyweight Contender:

“I’m excited. I’ve only had four pro fights. He [Lawlor] can convince himself that he is going to do something on Saturday night, but this is my time. His time has passed. This is my time. After Saturday, you’re going to be talking about me. I know a lot of you haven’t heard of me because I really haven’t had the exposure that a lot of these guys had, but I’m ready to shine. And in all reality, I respect Tom. I appreciate him for signing the bout agreement because it’s really hard for a guy like me to get opponents these days.”

“I trained with the best guys in the world. I have some of the best corner men in the world, the best coaches in the world. I’m prepared. This isn’t my first time under the spotlight so be prepared for it.”

Tom Lawlor, Light Heavyweight Contender

“I don’t have a prepared statement, but I’m prepared to make a statement this Saturday evening. I’m happy to be here representing not only myself but Golden Boy as they make this foray into the mixed martial arts world. I’ve been kind of out of work in the past few years. My job on Saturday is to put other people to work. I’m going to put Deron to work. I’m going to put the doctors to work. I’m going to make a statement, and at the end of the night you’ll be talking about me.”

Oscar De La Hoya, CEO & Chairman of Golden Boy Promotions

“I’m really looking forward to our Golden Boy MMA event. These guys have a history with each other, and it really is a pleasure to promote a trilogy. When you think about Tito Ortiz and Chuck Liddell, you think about pioneers. You think about legends.”


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