Cody “The Texas Zombie” Owens Announces His Retirement

HOUSTON, TEXAS (Fri, January 12, 2017)– Cody “The Texas Zombie” Owens is a Houstonian native fighting out of Team Tooke MMA and Houston Muay Thai. Cody has made a name to himself very quickly and becoming a fan favorite in the MMA community.

Cody has a very impressive fight record, he’s 6-0 as an amateur and 3-0 as a professional with 7 of his nine fights ending with a stoppage. Cody is ranked 41 of 180 active US Southwest Pro Bantamweights.

Cody was scheduled to fight at LFA 32 but “The Texas Zombie” announced today that he will be hanging up the gloves. You can read his statement below straight from his Facebook Page.

Cody “The Texas Zombie” Owens states:

It is with an extremely heavy heart that I am writing this. I need to make 2 announcements concerning my MMA career and health.

First off, I must inform everyone that I will no longer be fighting on the 26th for LFA 32. For those that have purchased tickets directly from me, please contact me to make arrangements to get your money back if you so choose to do that.

Secondly, I need to announce that I will officially be retiring from MMA competition. I have been dealing with an injury over the past few weeks that I thought would heal or subside a bit on it’s own. That hadn’t happened so I decided to get treatment. In doing so I learned the severity of my injury and decided it was time to get an MRI done to see exactly what was going on with my neck. After receiving the report and having it explained to me last night, the injury is far worse than we could have anticipated. It was an old injury from a pole vaulting accident I had in middle school. I’ve only learned of this injury about 3 years ago where I was advised to stop fighting then. I ignored that advice and kept hammering on. The original injury was a compression fracture of my C5 vertebrae with some disc degeneration. Over the years of training and fighting I continued to do more damage so it’s puts me where I am today. I was informed last night that I have multiple disc herniations varying in size, stenosis, arthritis, bone spurs, and various other issues throughout my cervical spine ranging from C2 to C7. At this point my options are to pursue aggressive therapy and see if we can get my neck to react to the treatment. If no substantial improvements occur within a couple weeks time, I will be referred to a neurologist for consult. I don’t want to accept surgery as of yet so I will explore all available options before going that route.

While all of this is very hard for me to deal with and I am still processing it all, I am continuing to say positive through it. It may be the end of a chapter of my life, but it is not the end of my life. I’m focusing on what I have done and accomplished. The friends, family, and memories I have gained. The life lessons and character builders endured. Please know that I will be ok. I will overcome this adversity just as I’ve done my whole life. I still have a purpose and I still have plenty to offer this world. It’s time that I start using my words to influence, inspire and motivate people. I will also be looking forward to pursuing a higher level of coaching and continuing to give back to the sport that has done so much for me and my life. It’s hard to kill a Zombie so I’m not done with this sport.

I have far too many people to thank so I will try and sum it up. To all my teammates, training partners and coaches, I am forever grateful for everything you have done for me. I may never be able to repay you so know that you have my love and respect for a lifetime.

All my sponsors and supporters. This journey has been so much easier due to your support. Whether it’s been your service, products or on a monetary level, each of you has played a very important role in my progress through this sport. Thank you each for all you’ve done for me.

To my family and those close to me, I will be talking to each of you personally as I’m sure there will be many conversations throughout this trying time. I love you all. Thanks for always having my back. Even when I’m drunk. Wait, Especially when I’m drunk.

I need to thank my brother Jeremy for always being my motivator and hero. I’ve done a lot in my life to try and be the best role model for him and give him something to look up to. He’s turned out to giving me someone to look up to. The kid has spent countless hours in the garage with me helping me cut weight, holding pads for me and making sure I’m on point. Him and my wife have seen me at my absolute weakest and lowest points. I am so thankful I’ve had him along this ride with me. I love you dude. Thank you for being you.

I want to give a special and final thanks to my beautiful wife Cortney. For sticking right by my side through all of this shit. All the ups and downs and bullshit in between. She’s seen and endured more of the asshole side of me that comes with fighting, than anyone else has or ever will. I could write all day about how much she’s meant to me throughout my career but I’m comfortable that she knows just how thankful I am for her. I am forever indebted to you baby. I will do my best to love you more and more each day to make up for the times I may not have been myself. I love you with every ounce of my being. You’re my world and I will love you until you can’t stand me.

It’s been one hell of a ride. At this time my health, providing for my family and getting better are my top priorities. I’m staying positive and remaining thankful for everything I have.

This is goodbye.

Thank You All,
I love each of you in your own special ways.

-Cody aka “The Texas Zombie”

Show your support and follow him to keep updated on his social media Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Instagram. Photos credited from Codys Facebook Page. Cover photo credit Carlos Diaz.

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